• Competencies:

    Promote permanent learning.

  • Values:

    Respect, Responsibility, Prevision, Awareness, Cooperation.

  • Learning outcomes

    Gets to know the causes that originate global warming.

    Plans proper use of school supplies and resources to prevent the deterioration of the environment.


A green school


Third grade of middle school was in class, and the teacher asked the following question:

“How many hours a day does a student spend in the school facilities? If we make a mathematical calculation, it is an average of 6 to 7 hours a day. And per week? 35 hours, and 140 per month... quite a considerable amount, don't you think?”

The students stared at him and did not understand what he was trying to say…

That means that you spend most of your time in these facilities. Ah! But not only studying; you spend paper, consume food, and require energy for the computers you use in class.

"And what we should we do? Shouldn't we eat or write?" Roberto, one of the students, asked.

Roberto, now I will ask you another question, “How do you contribute in making your school a "Green School" helping in the preservation of the environment?

"Wow! Who knows what happened to the teacher today?" One student tells another.“No, no. I'm not crazy, just think how much waste is generated every day in this school. There are 1200 students, close to 150 teachers and administrative staff and all coexist daily!”

"Wow! Oh yeah, we are a lot."

"Just in this group, you are 50, so an average of 50 soda bottles or cans are thrown away every day, 50 napkins and paper plates... you occupy facilities where at least you use about 50 sheets of paper per hour, and the use of the energy required for computer equipment or workshop machines. If we count them by week, there are 250 bottles, 250 napkins and paper plates, 250 by 6 times 5 equal 7500 sheets of paper. Now, multiply it by 1350 people in this institution"

"Oh, teacher, now I don't even want to open my soda, you made me think."

"That's all about it, Roberto that you think and become aware of how can you help your school to become a "Green School". Let me see, Do you think there is anything we can do to lower these numbers I just mentioned?"

  • “Our daily actions are the ones that count when solving environmental problems”.


Elaboration of a booklet with the consequences of climate change

1.- A lot is said about climate change and the danger it represents. Each of us can, with our daily actions, provide a bit to contribute to the improvement of the environment...

2.- Find out about each one of the consequences of global warming, what do they consist on?

Sea level rise

Changes in ecosystems

Alteration in the production cycle of food


Extinction of animal and plant species

Land desertification

Glacier melting

Population increase of respiratory and skin related diseases

Climate events intensification (hurricanes and storms)

Reinforcing values

1.- Find out the definition of the following values: Responsibility, Prevision, Respect, Awareness, and Cooperation. Write it in the text box.






  • Competencies:

    To foster permanent learning.

  • Values:

    Respect, Responsibility, Environmental care, Awareness.

  • Learning outcomes

    Identifies the contributions of chemical knowledge regarding the satisfaction of basic needs and their impact on the environment.


Chemistry and the environment: not intended effects


Ana and Karina were walking downtown, playing a bet to see how many cleaning products, sprays and similar things they could each find in different stores. No matter if they were for sale or had to be used, the idea was to see who could make the longest list.

When they got home, they compared their lists, and realized that they were gigantic: floor cleaners, brooms, glass cleaners, wood polishes; small, medium and large water squeegees, soap bars, powdered detergent, and other odd products for body, face, dishes, clothing ... the list went on and on.

Their mother, who was close by, asked what was the point of making the list and Ana replied:

"Nothing, we were just playing to see who found the most things."

"Did you know that the chemical industry has developed rapidly, in different manner and ways and that has allowed the invention of so many products that with time have had a tremendous impact in people’s lives?”

"I don't understand… —Karina said.

"Look, what my mom is trying to tell you is that all those things that scientists have invented are used by us to make the easier what we do on daily basis.” Ana said.


"Hey, Mom, why is it that, we should not use so many products because they are bad for our planet?

"In other words, we should not use products that harm our planet"

Karina intervened and said: "Why worry? As long as they're useful, why ask more?"

Ana and her mother stared at her. Then, Ana's mom asks Karina: "Can you imagine if we all thought like you? What do you think would happen to our planet?"

  • “Taking care of nature is a daily and irrevocable commitment”.


Investigate the degradation time and which damages are caused to the environment

1.- The chemical industry elaborates products such as pesticides, sprays, fertilizers, and insecticides; however, being true that they solve various problems, also their indiscriminate use causes great harm to living and non-living beings in the planet.

2.- Investigate about the degrade time and the damage the following products can cause to the environment:

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Respect, Environmental care and Awareness. Write it in the text box.


Environmental care


  • Competencies:

    To foster information management.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Ethical conduct, Tolerance, Temperance.

  • Learning outcomes

    Uses new information technologies responsibly (internet, social networks, etc.).

    Fulfills duties given at home and at school that correspond to age.

    Uses the media as resources for studying and learning.


Digital age: responsibility and curiosity


"Bored, bored, and bored! I'm so bored!

"But, Paco, why don't you find something to do with your time?

"Mom, it's raining, and there are only soap operas on TV!"

"Oh, son, we have already made the effort to buy your computer and your uncle will pay the internet so you can do your homework; don't ask me now to pay for cable TV for you, because I can't. Remember you have to do your History homework on Mesoamerican cultures."

Paco took his computer and went upstairs to his room. What a waste to use the computer to do homework! He said to himself.

In his room, he sat on his bed and opened the laptop. He quickly logged on to his-email and looked to see if he had any messages. Like always, greetings from friends. Some of them, asking him if he would like to go to the movies in the evening. Someone else inviting him to go eat ice cream with friends.

Another one saying he was going to go bowling later that evening, and invited him to go with him. And many messages like these. Almost at the end, he saw one that said: "If you are bored click here and find interesting things". This message seemed very appealing. Not only did it have the text message, but it also had faces of very attractive women. When he was about to click, two of his best friends entered his room. They were Beto and Ramiro.

"Hi, Paco" Beto said.

"Your mother told me that you were doing homework in the computer."

"Well, that's what I was trying to do" Paco answered, "but look, I found this! " Paco told his two friends, pointing at the message of the sexy women faces.

"What do you think about this weird message?" Ramiro questioned

"It must be an ad to sell something" Beto said.

"Maybe it's an invitation to one of those prohibited sites" Ramiro said.

"Well… I don't know, Paco said in a very low voice, "but I'm very interested in the ad"

"Hey Paco, I came so we could do homework together. You know that I don't have a computer" Beto said.

"Hold on, bro, let's see what is the ad about first." Ramiro said.

"I think that we should do homework first, it's a lot, and then, we'll see, "Beto insisted.

"Hey, Beto, we're going to find a lot of information and to decide what to use, we'll need a lot of time" Paco said, "then we won't have time to see what's in the ad!"

"But, what if it is one of those things with forbidden content?" Beto said.

"Ok, let's vote on opening the message or not" Ramiro said.

“This can’t be decided like that, we should discuss it first” Beto said.

Paco stared at his friends and thought about all the effort his parents had made, in the homework, and how much he wanted to open the ad, he eventually said to his friends: “So, do we open it?"

  • “Daily responsibilities give us more satisfactions than avoiding them”.


Make a list of the different types of crimes that can be committed in social networks

1.- Social relationships are a fundamental part in teenagers because they allow them to establish bonds of understanding, and recognition. Thus, much of the success of digital networks is that it facilitates social integration, friendship, information, research and entertainment; however, the inappropriate use of these represents alerting situations that you must learn to identify, since they can be used by criminals and swindlers to commit crimes against your personal integrity.

2.- Make a list of the various types of crimes that can be committed through digital social networks.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Responsibility, Ethical conduct, Tolerance and Temperance Write it in the text box.


Ethical conduct



  • Competencies:

    To foster information management.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Self-esteem, Self-respect, Integrity, Identity.

  • Learning outcomes

    Recognizes the risks of indiscriminately accepting beauty role models only by the association with physical appearance.

    Acquires knowledge on maintaining good health.


Sixteen kilos overweight


Lucia is a 16 year-old teenager who went abroad to study. The sedentary lifestyle and being away from her family made her find ease in food. No matter what she ate, as long as it tasted good. This lifestyle made her gain 16 kilos!

The day that she would go back home to her family, who she missed so much, finally arrived."Ernesto, Lucia will finally arrive! We haven't seen her in a year. She must be divine! She has always been so thin" Lety, his wife said to him.

"Look, Lety, as long as she arrives safe and sound, it doesn't matter the size she has.

"Oh, you are always looking for ways to annoy me... Let's go to the airport to meet her!" Lety said.

Eager to see Lucy, the family awaited for her arrival. After half an hour, she finally appeared and walked toward them.

"Mommy! Daddy! She exclaimed happily."

Family surrounded Lucia... everyone wanted to hug her...

"My dear, how you have changed! ... You look very robust ... a little out of your weight" her mother said.

"How is it possible, what happened to you, why are you so chubby?" Daniela, Lucia's sister, asked, "When Fernando sees you, he will be really surprised!"

Lucia didn't know what to say...

"What's wrong, Daniela? It seems to me that she's fine, why do you say that?" her father interjected.

"Oh, Dad, I am just saying that she is a little overweight! What will our friends say when they see you, what will they think?" Daniela kept saying.

"Daniela, you're exaggerating. This isn’t the place or the time to say those things to your sister. Come on, Lucia, surely you want to get home” her father said.

From that moment, Lucia's life changed. Daniela persuaded her mother to get Lucia on a diet plan, and she forced her to go to the gym. The food she gave her was special; no one else in the house ate it. Lucia agreed to do all this not to disappoint her parents, and Fernando, so she made a great effort to control herself. However, sometimes falling into temptation, she ate too much, and then she went to vomit, because of the fear that all she had eaten would make her fat...

Once, when she was home, about to eat dinner, her dad told Lucia:

"Lucia, we're going to order pizza, would you like some?"

"No, dad, if my mom finds out, she will be angry at me again"

"But daughter, you are so pretty like this!"

"But she wants me to lose more weight and get plenty of exercise. Like her, that she's always doing exercise and taking care of her body… and I don't want to disappoint her… but I crave food so much!" Lucia replied. "I'm starving since I returned from the trip."

"Well, make up your mind" her father said, "Do we order pizza, or not?"

Lucia imagined how succulent the pizza would be. She also thought that her figure had improved somewhat with diet, but still she didn't have the weight she had before her trip."

  • “Recognizing our own worth is what makes us really accepted”.

"So, Lucia…?" her father asked.

On Lucia's mind, images of her mother, Daniela and Fernando, whom she hadn't seen in a long time, started to appear in a quick succession, she also imagined the smell of pizza… its taste…


Reflect about Self-esteem

1.- Stereotypes that fashion signals through different media imposes current trends, without considering that every person, like you, is unique and unrepeatable. Your self-esteem allows you to accept and value yourself as you are.

2.- Take note, according to your criteria, the idea you have about the following concepts:



Ethical framework of Conduct driven by Values


Personal integrity

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Responsibility, Self-esteem, Self-respect, Integrity e Identity. Write it in the text box.






  • Competencies:

    To foster information management.

  • Values:

    Respect, Tolerance, Openness, Sensitivity, Democratic participation.

  • Learning outcomes

    Recognizes the diversity of locations in the country as examples of different cultures.

    Learns on how to respect different opinions and reach consensus through democratic means.

    Recognizes the importance of the past and present of national populations.


Magical town


In History class, students were talking about their concerns to organize and make a school trip to some place in the country, at the end of the course.

The teacher, listening to them and taking advantage of the topic they had at that time, said: "What do you think if we suggest ideas?"

"Yeah! Yeah!!" all answered.

"And, where will we go?" Irene asked.

"To the beach! To the beach! To Acapulco!" Jorge and his friends shouted. Others said: "to a big city!"

"Yes! One that has many clubs to go partying" some answered.

A series of proposals emerged as varied as the taste of students.

"And what do you think about a magical town?" the teacher said.

The students made a pause, asking: "What is a magical town?"

The teacher read to them. "A magical town is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, important events, and everyday life. We have Cuetzalán and Zacatlán, in Puebla; Tepoztlán, in Morelos, Tapalpa and Mazamitla, in Jalisco. Well, magic that emanates from each of its sociocultural manifestations, and today represents a great opportunity for tourism development".

"Oh, teacher, how boring! Aren't you thinking about taking us there, huh?" some students said.

The teacher told them "tomorrow each of you bring your proposals, and we analyze them. We have to organize the trip now, because the time goes very quickly."

The next day some of them brought proposals to go to a beach that had importance for the country, like Cancún, Acapulco, Mazatlán or Miramar.

A second group suggested going to Monterrey, México City, or San Luis Potosí.

The teacher was surprised that his proposal was not taken into account and asked: "Why weren't you interested in going to get know any magical town?"

Those who proposed beaches told that the trip was more fun, because they could sunbathe, swim, dive, fish, share with foreigners, play beach volleyball, and see the summer fashion for the beach. Instead they said, magical towns are so boring! They have nothing to do with us!

On the other hand, those who asked to go to a big city said that cities are very interesting. Their buildings, streets, shops, and places to hangout. In the clubs, you can see how the guys and girls dress, how they speak, and what kind of music they like. “We can’t find that in magical towns. We also think they are very boring. It’s like being in class… and we want to have a real and fun vacation, to see what’s new!”

Maria Luisa, Jacinta and Nemecia, who came from the Huasteca, and were considered as "nerds" in the classroom, suddenly raised their hand and said to the teacher they wanted to talk.

The teacher saw them and said: "Go ahead; what do you want to tell us?"

  • “Not always what’s more fun gives us more satisfaction”.

Nemecia, a little embarrassed said, “We wanted to participate in the group discussion, to decide where to go, but we were not allowed. They said that it was enough studying. That the trip was not for "nerds". That we don’t really know “what’s new”, the fashion, the fun, because we come from a town, like the ones you want us to visit. So we kept quiet. They’re always like that... They don’t know what we have in Mexico."

Students laughed and made jokes of what Nemecia exposed. One said that what happened was that they did not know what fun was.

The teacher stared at students with some concern and said: "What is Mexico and Mexican?"

The students looked at each other and one said: "What does that have to do with the school trip? That is for History class!"

The teacher's attitude and Nemecia’s comments, made a doubt and concern in the rest of the students.

The teacher intervened again and said "Let's vote for one of the three proposals. Think well about your choice"


Identify and describe the characteristics of a magical town through a drawing

1.- Artistic expression and ways of living such as customs, religion, language, cuisine and traditions are the base of a culture of a town. Our country is a mosaic of cultural richness throughout its territory.

2.- Find out what features a town should have to receive the distinction of "A Magical Town". Make a picture of a town. Did you know that Tamaulipas has two magical towns? Investigate and write which ones they are.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Respect, Tolerance, Openness, Sensitivity, Democratic participation. Write it in the text box.





Democratic participation

  • Competencies:

    To foster management of situations.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Caution, Self-esteem, Family Communication.

  • Learning outcomes

    Acquires prevention methods to avoid risks in the use of new information technologies, particularly social networks.

    Learns on how to select and discern information in the media.


The “Feis” (Facebook)


Mariana was just 12 years old; she was anxiously waiting for September because of her birthday. Her older sister, Frida, had told her that at age 13, she could already create her account on the "feis".

And so it was. The day that "Las Mañanitas" woke her up, she turned on the computer, and after entering data, searching for friends, uploading a profile picture, and everything else, finally she had a "feis" (Facebook) account!

Every time she came home from school, she was impatient to check her account. She felt a little uncomfortable having only 15 friends, a few classmates from school, a neighbor, and other friends of her sister.

Irritated, she decided to add people despite of not knowing them, she thought, after all, Facebook was made for that, to meet people and, why not ? Even to get a boyfriend. In a short time she reached 100 contacts.

She felt so proud! But now she wanted to have 200. So, she began accepting all the friend requests she received. That’s how she met Rodrigo, a boy who was several years older than her, and would

say to her, some really nice things that nobody had told her before. So after much thought, she accepted an invitation to the movies. He would pick her up at school. Surely, her friends would envy her when they saw his car and how handsome he was.

It was Wednesday, and the last school bell rang. All her friends crossed to the park in front of it; some of them waited for their parents; others, for transportation, and Mariana, for ... Rodrigo.

A black car parked. It was Rodrigo. He was not as handsome as his profile picture, and seemed much older than he had said, but the car was enough to make her friends die of envy.

Rodrigo greeted her and opened the door. He started the engine, and left.

That was the last time that Mariana was seen. The last status in her wall, dated from the previous night, and read: "Tomorrow will be a great day".

  • “Naivety and lack of judgment pave the way to misfortune”.


Solve a word puzzle about learning of values

1.- Responsibility is a value that must be present in our decisions. The way we act reflects our conscience and vision of life; it can regulate our actions in a framework of respect and integrity.

2.- Solve a word puzzle. Click on the first and last letter of each value; it shall indicate the value found.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the definition of the following values: : Responsibility, Caution, Self-esteem and Family Communication. Write it in the text box.




Family Communication

  • Competencies:

    To foster management of situations.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Rationality, Tolerance, Friendship, Self-esteem, Prevision.

  • Learning outcomes

    Learns about taking decisions evaluating the best option. Discriminates between the necessary and dispensable.


The prom dress


Erendira is a teenager who is about to leave secondary school. She is very excited, because in her group, students are making preparations for the prom. In her school proms are great events; they usually make a great celebration, and dress up elegantly Erendira's mother talked about all this with her friend and "comadre".

"Oh, "comadre", Erendira graduates this year, there will be a party at school, and I don't have enough money for my girl... I have to save for the payment of the registration next year, school supplies and books. You see that every year it becomes more expensive!"

"Oh, Norma, don't worry! Buy her all she needs for the prom. God will help us next year…!

"Do you think so, friend? Now Erendira is going to be happy, but what about tomorrow?

"But it is her graduation, and that only happens once in life! ... Trust me!"

Later, Erendira arrived home, with her friends, Sandra and Celia. Her mother, listening to the words of her "comadre", said:

"Daughter, I have here two thousand pesos to be able to go to your prom. With this money, you can buy your dress, and everything you need. But next year I don't know how I'm going to get the money for books and school supplies. Remember that in high school, they always ask for more things ... I don't know what I'll do to pay that!

"Don't worry Mom, thank you, really! We will buy things for the prom in the afternoon."

Sandra turns to see Celia, and muttered: "Oh, wow! I think we have a problem."

"What is the problem?" Celia said. "The most important is the immediate time"

"What if they don't have money to enter high school? Then, what will be more important?

Sandra told Celia that she should talk to Erendira. There could be other solutions. Celia replied: "But which one?"

"We can get some proposals out of the conversation" Sandra argued.

Celia took her index finger to her temple, making signs that Sandra was crazy, but agreed to go with Erendira to talk.

When Sandra and Celia exposed that buying all the necessary to enter high school was also very important, Erendira full of anger, snapped:

"And you say to be my best friends? I want to go to the prom!"

"Don't get mad, friend! Think about the two situations that must be solved. There is not only a single option to solve the problem" Erendira told her friends to leave, for now, to leave her alone.

Her friends left, but things began to come out in Erendira's head, and make her worry. The ceremony, the prom and the gala dress. She also thought about high school ... Her mother came and said:

"It's four o'clock, Ere let’s go shopping"

  • “A good attitude, and rationally evaluation the actions, gives us good options for personal development”.


Reflect about the importance of a good decision

1.- In our daily life we have situations that require taking decisions with responsibility and prevision, conscience and rationality analyzing how we act and distinguish the necessary from the unnecessary.

2.- From the following options presented, choose the most important and support your response.













Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the definition of the following values: Responsibility, Rationality, Tolerance, Friendship, Self-esteem y Prevision. Write it in the text box.







  • Competencies:

    For situations management.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Respect for life, Physical integrity.

  • Learning outcomes

    To critically rate self-prescription of drugs and contrasts them with other substances addictive uses.


Good for one, good for all?


Alicia overheard her parents when they commented that the medication to treat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) of her brother was causing him to lose his appetite. Since Alicia was worried about her weight she secretly began taking one of her brother’s pills every so often. One day, she met a friend who had the same problem and took advantage of the opportunity, so her parents would not know…

"Raul, do you know what ADHD is?"

"Sure! I take pills for that, doctor says they help me pay attention and concentrate better in school."

"Really? Could you give me a few? My brother has the same problem and my parents hadn't been able to buy the medicine."

"Yes, of course! I don't think there is a problem, there are many in the jar, and I only take one a day."

"Thanks, Raul!"

When he gave her the pills she was looking for, they entered the classroom to wait for the teacher. There, they found Joseph, who had a sore throat, and said to Alicia:

"My throat hurts a lot, and my mom has no money to take me to the doctor."

"If you want, I can help you, my dad is a lot better now and left some pills that I can give you to make you feel better. His doctor prescribed them to him, so I don't think they could harm you."

"Oh cool! Great, thank you, friend!"

Emilia, who heard what they were talking about, told them both:

"It's not cool at all! Don't be silly! You should consult someone to see if the medicine that Alicia will give you won't actually hurt you."

Two other friends who heard the discussion approached. One of them, Andrés, interceded for Alicia and told her to ignore Emilia.

Emilia obviously upset with what Andres said, replied:

"But what do you know about medicine?"

Then another friend, Antonio, intervened and told Emilia:

"And do you know anything?"

Alicia, surprised by the discussion, told the two friends:

“I think it's good giving Jose the medicine that my dad used for a sore throat. If his mom has no money to pay for it, this is how he can get well!

Emilia replied that on the contrary, it was pretty bad.

"Ask the teacher" she proposed.

Antonio called the teacher and told him about the discussion they had. So he called them all, and proposed them to see all the pros and cons of self-medication. They did and the class contributed with many opinions.

At the end of the class, Alicia told Jose: Come with me to my house…

  • “Health is the result of good consulted decisions”.


Analyze the consequences of wrong decisions regarding health

1.- Prevention is a central topic of health. In case of illness, it is important to always consult your doctor to avoid self-medication.

2.- It is important to remember that all human bodies are different. Describe the risks that a person can run into making the decision of self-medicating and consuming toxic substances.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the definition of the following values: Responsibility, Respect for life and Physical Integrity. Write it in the text box.


Respect for life

Physical Integrity

  • Competencies:

    To foster social relationships.

  • Values:

    Identity, Respect, Diversity, Equity.

  • Learning outcomes

    Recognizes the existence of prejudice resulting from interactions between different ethnic groups.

    Recognizes the contribution of each culture to national pride.

    Rejects bullying because of ethical and social issues.


Respect Luis


Manuel is a truck driver who works transporting fruits and vegetables. In Oaxaca he met a young Zapotec widow, whose son, Luis, studies first grade of Secondary School. When they got married, they came to live to Tamaulipas.

In Middle school, Luis has faced many challenges to continue.

The first day he attended school, he found a slightly different atmosphere to the one in Oaxaca. He arrived greeting one of his classmates:

"Hello, what is your name? I am Mary"

"Hi, I am Luis. Nice to meet you, miss."

"Ha, ha, ha! You talk funny! But don’t worry, I’m not making fun of you, it’s just that you talk weird."

"Funny! Ha, ha, ha! That Indian cannot speak..."

"Shut up, Miguel! Don't say that."

"Indian, Indian!" Everyone started yelling.

"Hey, boys!” The teacher interrupted...

"Teacher, this Indian should go to the jungle, to be with those who are like him."

"Miguel! Enough! Let's go to the principal's office"

The teacher called Luis's mother, and asked her to come and get him. This situation began to occur more often. Luis's classmates didn't stop bothering him, for his complexion, his features, and his speech. Even because of his customs, and his personality."

"Mom, I don't want to go to this school, don't send me anymore, please..."

"Oh, "m'ijito", we don't want lazy boys here"

"I'm not lazy ma, what happens is that they don't leave me alone!"

"You have to take it!"

The next day, Luis went to school very sad. No longer could he tolerate insults and abuse from his peers.

That day, the teacher asked students to research on native languages, and to translate a short text into Spanish.

Some students alleged, they did not know how that assignment could be used for. It would be better to find something in English, French or languages spoken in countries that are more advanced.

Luis told them he could help if they wanted to know something in Zapotec. Some young ladies were interested in Luis’s help. Their classmates laughed at them. A student, Moises, approached Luis and said:

"Hey, how has speaking Zapotec helped you?

"It has helped me communicate with my family, the people, and my friends in Oaxaca" Luis replied.

"Has it helped you to study in this school?" Moises asked.

"No, I had to learn Spanish," Luis said.

"So, do you realize your language has many limitations? However, Spanish opens all doors; you can even talk to us."

Delia, one of the girls who was being helped by Luis, said to Moises:

  • “Changing our mentality towards differences builds social peace among us”.

"Hey Moises, if you go to Germany, France, or here across to the US, how much does Spanish help?

"Well, but they’re other countries that speak other languages” Moises said, “That are not obligated to know my language."

"Do you think you'll be rejected because you don't know their language?" Laura replied.

Well... I don't know, but I think we are alike in other aspects, so that makes it easier for them to accept me."

“Tell me, Moises, are you Mexican?” Laura asked.

"Obviously!" Moises said.

"And what is Luis's nationality?" Laura insisted.

"Well, he is a Zapotec" Moises said.

"Aren't Zapotecs Mexican, Moises?"

"Well ... yes, but different" Moises emphasized.

"You also are different to Luis, and not because of that he is bothering you all the time” said Laura, and continued: “What I think is that you are ignorant and you don’t really know what Mexicans are like. Not your family, not your friends, but other nationals of Mexico, so that’s why you bother Luis."

“Yes, I can’t stand him! I can’t help it” Moises said.

"Come on Luis, Let's go learn about your language” Laura said to him. The other girls followed, while the rest of them looked at each other. Someone from the group told Moises "I think you blew it!"

Most of students went to do their class work. The others stayed around Moises, between confused and troubled. "Moises said "... How about that? We must tell the teacher to give us another homework...


Solve memory game on characteristics of ethnic groups

1.- In our country there is a great diversity of ethnic groups living in a very different way than ours, and they have a richness of art, religion, dresses, language, customs and traditions. Remember it is important to respect cultural diversity.

2.- Through the memory game, recognize characteristics of the Tarahumaras (Raramuris). Click on an image and find its match.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values Identity, Respect, Diversity and Equity. Write it in the text box.





  • Competencies:

    To foster social relationships.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Self-esteem, Integrity, Self-respect.

  • Learning outcomes

    Values the importance of a proper diet.

    Recognizes the risks of overeating and inappropriate solutions.


A healthy mind in a healthy body


Fernanda and Ivanna are sisters; the first is 14, and the second nearly 13. They’re surrounded by many more young and adult women: their mother, aunts, cousins, friends of their mother, and friends of friends. They have always heard conversations related to the female figure: being overweight, dieting and exercising.

Fernanda is naturally slim, but Ivanna is overweight. She looks a little plump. Fernanda is serious, while Ivanna is nervous, compulsive, and restless. She also likes to tell lies to get food to eat: candies, chocolates, ice cream, cakes, etc...

"Hey, Fernanda, let's go to the store, I am craving for something."

"I told you that if you keep eating junk food you are going to look like a piggy."

"Well I don’t care what you say to me, I want to eat something."

"All right, but don’t say I didn’t warn you"

Their mother was always worried about her body. She thought that at forty she looked older, so she followed every diet recommended to her, she read in newspapers, or saw on TV. Obviously she was very thin, in addition to the diets, she had 3 liposuctions.

When they came out of their bedroom, there was a group of women gathered with her mother in the kitchen. They were commenting on a particular case:

"The Garcia's daughter just died"

"But she was only 13 years old!"

"Well, the sad thing is that her mom had her on diets, pills, teas and belts to lose weight… She bought everything she saw on TV so her daughter could lose weight… The girl secretly ate junk food, drank sodas and candy that kids eat nowadays and when she finished, she would take laxatives or induce vomiting.

Fernanda's and Ivanna’s mother said it was ok, try making her lose weight, perhaps what happened was just a mistake, only that, a simple mistake… That wouldn’t happen to her.

“Did you hear Ivanna? Wouldn’t it be better if they let you gain weight, so you don’t have to worry about the things you eat? Really, I don’t think getting chubby will make you look bad” Fernanda said.

“I think we shouldn’t worry if we eat too much or too little. Not everyone can look like a television celebrity!” Ivanna exclaimed.

“But you will fill the entire TV screen!” Fernanda replied. “I don’t think I’ll go with you to buy something. It’s up to you if you want to be fat!”

“Don’t be mean, Fernanda. You were just as chubby as me and see, now you're thin, without weight problems,” Ivanna told her.

The mom’s friends were still commenting:

“Her mother wanted to keep her underweight, but never consulted anyone, and didn’t let her have activities outside of home. Practically she never exercised, she was always watching TV and she didn’t have a good relationship with peers and teachers.”

  • “The truth of what we need to do is within us, and in appropriate consultations”.

She always told everyone that her daughter was tranquil, well behaved and never caused problems, except, of course, her weight.

"See?" A friend of the sisters' mother told them.

Consider the case of Ivanna, don't let things get out of control, and have a sad ending.

Ivanna and Fernanda stared at each other. Then Ivanna asked Fernanda:

"Do I really look that bad?

Fernanda smiled and said:

"You're not so bad, in a supermarket you could compete with the watermelons!"

Ivanna replied: "I don't want you to come with me anywhere! If you are ashamed of how I look, I can go by myself to buy what I want to eat. If mom asks where I'm going, I'll tell her to buy a book, or anything else, for that matter is the same."

Fernanda was thoughtful and called her mother. The mother went with her. Just at the time she saw Ivanna, she claimed at her. "But girl, look at you, can't you see you keep gaining weight? Look at your sister, she's fine. Or look at me, I'm in my forties!"

At that moment, when Ivanna was about to cry, her mother's friends called to say that the cosmetic surgeon was on the phone "You should better consult a psychologist" one of her friends said, laughing loudly. Then she added:

"Ignore me, don't feel bad, it's a joke!"


Classify through games the three groups that make up the eatwell plate

1.- Science has made great strides in the field of health; the fact is that many companies are taking advantage of the ignorance of people to sell miracle products. The way to stay healthy is a healthy diet, the practice of physical activity, and a positive attitude all the time.

2.- Classify foods in the group that corresponds to it in the balanced diet plate, and mention the consequences of the consumption of junk food. Click, drag and drop in the matching group.

Reinforcing values

1.- Investigate the definition of the following values: Responsibility, Self-esteem, Integrity and Self-respect. Write it in the text box.





  • Competencies:

    To foster life in society.

  • Values:

    Self-respect, Tolerance, Self-esteem, Autonomy.

  • Learning outcomes

    Recognizes the inherent risks in the indiscriminate imitation of peculiar stereotypes about outfits (clothing, cosmetics, accessories, tattoos).


In search of identity or sense of belonging?


Leticia is on third grade of secondary school. She is an egocentric and rebellious girl who lives with her aunt Rosy, who spoils her, and lets her do anything she wants.

Leticia is always aware of how her aunt dresses and what she buys, because she is young, and into fashion, wearing all the novelties that young people use.

One day she saw her aunt wearing a piercing, and even knowing that at school there are rules and regulations that don't allow the use of these objects, Leticia decided to pierce, taking the risk of being expelled from school.

Later, after finding out that her aunt and a group of friends had gotten body tattoos, she decided to imitate them. She chose a design that identified one of the most popular bands in the city. She felt cool and fashion. .

Leticia started changing. School didn’t seem important to her. She was adding more piercings and tattoos. At school she had been disciplined several times. She continued like that…

Her classmates got together and talked about Leticia's behavior.

Juan, who had always been shy, looked at her with envy and admiration. He liked that she was rebellious, and sometimes he thought about imitating her. He didn’t dare fearing the reactions of his parents and friends.

Francisco, the smartest boy in class, felt Leticia’s behavior was foolish, but everyone could ruin their lives if they wanted to.

Renato told his classmates Leticia was ugly but now she’s even more. Maria, who had been a good friend of Leticia, believed that she was going crazy. Violeta told them, what Leticia was doing was leading her to serious problems. Fernando felt it was necessary to discipline her, because she was a bad example for everyone...

The month of July was approaching and with it, graduation. Days earlier, the principal of the school required the presence of Leticia to express her concern about her attitude and lack of academic interest, which led her to have very low grades. For this reason, she was thinking about not including her in the graduation ceremony. However, as it was a ceremony organized by the student council she would ask them to discuss such sanction.

The students met. Raul, the president of the student council, presented the case to the members. In the meeting were Juan, Francisco, Renato, Maria and Violeta were.

“Classmates” Raul said, “I want to present Leticia’s situation and the principal requested it. The principal asked us to come to a decision. So tell me what you think and your decision?”

  • “Giving up one's personality is the best way to lose your own Identity”.


Solve the crossword puzzle of values

1.- In the process of building your identity you have the influence of the family, social and cultural context; often, we imitate negative behavior patterns. Never forget that each one of us is special and valuable with our own personality and behavior.

2.- Solve the crossword puzzle.

Reinforcing values

1.- Find the definition of the following Values: Self-respect, Self-esteem, and Tolerance y Autonomy. Write it in the text box.





  • Competencies:

    Promote life in society.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Friendship, Identity, Honesty, Tolerance, Self-esteem.

  • Learning outcomes

    Thinks about the difference between consumption practices and consumerism.

    Recognizes the existence of prejudices towards different social and economic status.


The habit does not make the monk


Paty and Marta are two girls who met in the Secondary School, they are attending the third year, and they work together as a team, because the teacher had said so. Both come from a different socioeconomic level. Paty is middle class, and Martha comes from a wealthy family.

The difference between the two is that, while Martha does not care about what she dresses, Patty, as a middle class girl, loves to dress well and buy fancy clothes, although this represents a major expense for their parents, whom she demands an obligatory prize for her good grades, no matter what they have to do to give this to her.

Both are regular students. However, Paty's parents consider normal to reward their daughter with whatever she likes; tastes that usually come from television ads. She likes everything that is fashionable. Even his teammates call her "La Chica

Palacio", thing that she loves, and the way they always tell her how good she looks, and how nice she dresses.

Martha, meanwhile, is an extroverted girl, she likes to be with her friends, and she is a lighthearted person. However, she always keeps a distance from those that she doesn't like. Her characteristic is to be a little awkward when it comes to fashion. She pays no attention to detail nor combines the colors, and clothing styles, situation that Paty dislikes her, although she envies her social position, she prefers to live with her popular group of girlfriends, and ignores Martha. Martha does not care at all about what Paty thinks about her. And in public, she doesn't care if she doesn’t greet her. She considers Paty a snob, somewhat unauthentic, trying to use her appearance, and what she wears to hide her middle class economic status.

The homework they have to do together is about differences in access that children of different economic levels have to different education levels. They must try to explain why these differences occur.

The first day, when trying to agree, Paty told Martha that she didn't understand what the teachers were thinking making them work together. Martha stared at her and said,

“Surely, what they think is that on your own you couldn’t do this assignment!”

"That's what you think. Every piece of clothing. I wear has cost me my good grades. They must think you’ll do a sloppy job because of your sloppy way of dressing” Paty replied.

"Ok, Paty "Martha answered", I don't care about what you think. I don't think that dressing fashionably guarantees doing good homework. It speaks of an airhead who has no personality, and is a slave of advertisements.

"You dress so carelessly because you feel guilty to exhibit what others cannot have" Paty told Martha.

Miss Gertrudis, noticed them arguing heatedly, she said to them:

"It's good that you got to work together. I see the passion in your work. Anyway, remember that you don't have all day to do the homework."

"We'll get started teacher", said Paty and Martha at the same time.

Martha and Paty left and went to the most far-off table; they sat down and began to see to how they would work. Martha opened her laptop, and searched the Internet about the distribution of enrollment in different levels of education. As she saw it was a lot of data, she proposed the following to Paty:

"There are many levels of education, we choose one level with its grades. Do you agree, Paty?

Paty, thinking about all the work they had to do if they investigate all the levels of education, nodded.

After a good time researching, about two hours, they saw that in Mexico, the higher the level in middle school the more students drop out. They also realized that there is a strong relationship between income and level of education achieved.

"How can we explain this problem?" asked Paty to herself.

"Easy" Martha answered", without money you cannot afford education.

"Yeah, but look, not all students who have low incomes drop out, how can we explain this contradiction?

Surely, some of them are knuckleheads who are not interested in studying, suggested Martha. "And if their poor, worse off... You Paty, why do you want to finish your secondary studies?

"Well, to find a good prospect to marry" she answered "someone who is intelligent and has a good income so I would not to worry about what I want to buy. And you, Martha, if you already have everything, why to study?

"Well, I study to spend time. It would be very boring to spend all my time doing nothing at home. My dad did not study much. He did not finish his studies of commerce, and has done very well. He does not make me study much. What I want to do in the future is to travel, to visit other countries, and then to find a good match. There are many among my family's social circle".

"Do you believe that many of those who leave school can do well in life? "Paty asked Martha.

"Of course, the smartest ones!" Martha said.

"I don't think so. Then you would not be studying." Paty said.

“I don’t need to study to do well in my social life” Martha said snobby.

They were still in the discussion when they heard the teacher’s voice:

"Students hand in your assignments now!

Paty and Martha were stunned. They spent the time arguing. They were both thinking about the answer to the question for the assignment. The two approached the teacher and asked for a more time. Apparently, they had found a way to finish.

The teacher answered: "you had a maximum time to finish, and it's over. It's time to give me your sheets."

"But, teacher, we finally agreed! Give us ten more minutes, please?

The teacher thinks...

  • “Some, but not all conventions, lead to personal fulfillment”.


Make a list of actions about consumerism and consumption

1.- Consumerism is a social pressure fueled largely by advertising media; while consumption is the rational use of products and goods needed for the development of daily living.

2.- Make a list of actions about consumerism and consumption.



Reinforcing values

1.- Find the concept of the following Values: Responsibility, Friendship, Identity, Honesty, Tolerance, and Self-esteem. Write it in the text box.







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