Promote permanent learning..

  • Values

    Responsibility, Commitment, Solidarity, Respect for the environment.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Recognizes that behavior affects the physical and social environment of both the school and the community.

    Participates in the improvement of their natural and social environment.

Scenario 1 .

A clean school.


Middle School “Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla” is a school that has a high quality cleaning system. Most students attending this institution are committed to keep it clean, implementing the slogan “It is not cleaner who sweeps more, but who soils less”.

Edna is a responsible and efficient student, and her friend Beatriz is erratic and messy. On their free time they often go to a spot in school where they relax under the shade of a trees and lie on the grass.

Beatriz is a student without cleaning habits, so she’s used to throwing garbage everywhere, she doesn’t recycle, much less separating waste into organic and inorganic. On the other hand, Edna struggles to keep everything in order to protect the environment, to the extent of arguing with Beatriz trying to convince her to do the same. However, Beatriz does not share the same ideas.

  • “We must recognize that all our actions have consequences. Think before you act”.

One warm afternoon, as usual, they went to the green areas out of the sight of teachers, because Beatriz wanted to smoke a cigarette.

Edna tried by all means to convince her not to smoke. However, Beatriz did not listen and lit a cigarette. Before returning to the classroom, she threw it away without putting it out.

The next day, both were stunned to see that the green area where they used to spend beautiful moments, had been consumed by fire, leaving only ashes.

The school began the investigation...


Identify activities that contribute to taking care of public spaces and the environment

1.- Public spaces improve the lives of its inhabitants; they represent gathering and entertaining spaces that provide services to community members. It is everyone's duty to take care of it.

2.- If you were part of a group of volunteers; which activities would you suggest for preservating of public spaces?.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of each of the following values: Responsibility, Commitment, Solidarity, and Respect for the environment.Write these concepts in the text box.




Respect for the environment

  • Competencies:

    To promote permanent learning.

  • Values:

    Respect for natural and cultural diversity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To raise awareness of the natural diversity of human groups and their cultures.

    To identify the threats that exist to preserve the existence of natural diversity as a result of a misuse of scientific knowledge.

    Commits to the right of cultural diversity.

Scenario 2

Scientific advancements


We were in Chemistry class when Mario and Andrés started an argument.

“It can be done, Mario, I’m telling you”.

"You're crazy, Andrés. How can you believe that if you mix two different fruit seeds a different fruit will grow?"

"Haven't you heard about the new inventions of science? Nowadays you can take a melon and an orange and make a "melorange!"

“Melorange? Ha, ha, ha! Who comes up with that stuff? Ha, ha, ha!”.

"Let's see boys, come here" said the Chemistry teacher.

"Mario, do not make fun of your classmate. What he is saying is not far from the truth. And you, Andrés, it would be good if you studied some genetic engineering to be able to explain your idea to your classmates."

"Oh teacher! I only commented what I heard on TV, but to study genetic engineering?"

  • “Let's fight for scientific knowledge to be used for the benefit of mankind, but without harming the natural diversity”.

"Well, not exactly studying to be an engineer in genetics, but to read a little more to understand how it works. For example, what is the mixture of seeds you mentioned called?"

“Can anyone tell me the benefits of making genetic modifications in food? And what problems can it cause?”.

The teacher continued: “Did you know that planting genetically modified seeds has been banned, despite they are more resistant to plagues and drought, and they produce more economic benefits because they reduce the genetic diversity? If this was allowed, many varieties of plants would disappear, such as corn, which has been the contribution of indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica”.

Mario interrupted the teacher and said:

"If the new seeds are more productive, it won't matter if the others disappear. This is what happens in the world. There are plenty of different races and cultural groups that have only produced problems. If there was only one human race everything would be better!"

Andres visibly disagreed and said:

"My opinion is totally the opposite! In fact, I think I heard something about rights and respect for diversity."


Investigate and reflect on the scientific advancements of the 21st century

1.- Knowledge has been the impulse that has led man to its development in various fields. Science has certainly brought great benefits. However, the poor implementation of it has resulted in considerable losses for humanity.

2.- Investigate what the most important scientific advancements of the 21st century are. Think about the consequences of the misuse of science for humanity.

Relevant scientific advancements of the 21st century

Consequences of the misuse of science

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of each of the following values: Respect to natural and cultural diversity. Write it in the text box.

Respect natural diversity

Respect cultural diversity


    For information management.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Commitment, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Raises awareness of the negative effects of technology misuse.

    Recognizes that technology has been created to improve human productivity.

Scenario 3

Drag races


It was known among the young people that a drag race was going to take place in an improvised racetrack outside the city limits.

Laura called her friend Maritza to ask her if she would go to the races. They would begin at five in the afternoon. Maritza told her that if she finished a homework she was doing, she would go with her. Laura insisted:

"But the drag race is only one day, Maritza! You can do homework later!" Maritza asked:

"What are the drag races?"

And Laura, very excited, said:

"Look Maritza, it is a competition of old cars with modified engines. They compete to see who starts faster. It's very cool! They make a lot of noise, throw out a lot of smoke and the tires screech on the track. It's very exciting! Everyone screams and cheers for their favorite ones!"

  • “Sometimes the cutting edge technology attempts against environment. Let’s act to prevent it”.

Maritza thought for a bit and asked:

"Who organizes that?"

"The boys of course", Laura answered.

Maritza made a face of disapproval and asked:

"And do they have permission?"

"I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Drag races have always been done without anyone's permission. Then at the end they make a party and there is a lot of everything!"

Maritza told Laura that her homework was about the impact of technology in changing societies. How machines had changed everything. Although they had helped mankind making work easier, we could now see the negative effects and in many cases in a very serious manner. Not only machines and technology are being used to make work easier, but for other uses that are not so important and that are damaging the environment and people's lives.

"Don't you think Laura, that drag races are damaging the environment and people? Not having authorization is already a problem. What if an accident happens? I don't know, on one hand I want to go, but on the other, I have to do homework. I don't know if it's right for me to go to the drag race".

“But Maritza, you’re going to have fun. What does your homework has to do with the drag race?” remarked Laura. “So, are you in? Her friend insisted”.

Maritza stared at her assignment notebook...


Create a technological invention that benefits mankind

1.- Science has as a principle the welfare of humanity and it should stay away from any profit motivation and any actions that threatens human beings and the environment.

2.- With the help of a partner, create an invention that can help mankind in various situations and explain its operation. Finally, investigate the concept of scientific moral.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of each of the following values: Responsibility. Commitment and Respect.Write it in the text box.





    For information management.

  • Values:

    Tolerance, Peace, Harmony, Respect, Communication.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To propose non-violent solutions to conflicts of everyday life, which express skills and attitudes for dialogue, empathy, cooperation and negotiation.

Scenario 4

You're so annoying!


Marcos is a 14 year old who loves to learn about Mexico’s and the world’s history. He recently came across with some photos and books that looked very old and asked his father for permission to see them.

"Dad, can I take a look at those old books you have on your desk?"

“I propose we look at them together. I have had them for a long time without being able to go over them. They are part of some things left by my father's grandparents as an inheritance, but my father had no time to explain to me what they were either”.

“Cool! So, it's like a treasure”.

Yes, a cultural treasure. They are history books and some photos of the World War One.

World War? Cool, let's look at them now Dad…

Well, that would have to be another day, because now it's time for you to go to school and for me to go to work. But quickly, so you won't go to school sad, I'll give you some data:

  • "When I was asked about a weapon that can counteract the power of the atomic bomb, I suggested the best of all: Peace".

    Albert Einstein

Some data: World War One was a military conflict that began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro Hungarian throne.

“Wow! That is awful! A single person starting a tremendous conflict. Ok, Dad, see you tonight”.

When Marcos arrived to school, he sees Ruben, who looked like if someone had painted his face with red paint because he was very upset.

"What's up? What's wrong?"

"I'm going to tell Efren to die. I'm tired of him, he's always bothering my sister and believes he is so great because he is always surrounded by his friends. He should be left alone and see how it goes for both of us!"

"Take it easy! Take it easy! Don't turn a conflict into a war, pal."

Ruben calmed down, looked at Mark, shrugged and asked, "What's up, why are you talking so weird?"

They were entering the classroom when Mark saw his history teacher and said:

"Teacher, could you explain to my friend Ruben how World War One started?You'll see that just because your neighbor doesn’t like you, it is more than enough to start a fight this big!”.

As he spoke, Marcos extended his arms as if they had something big between them.

"I see that Mark is very excited about a particular topic. But that war did not happen just because a person disliked another. Indeed, one of the course topics is how wars start, so get out your notebooks and started copying the next task."

"Ouch! And I thought we were going to have fun by listening to a story...

At the end of the school day, Ruben passed by Efrén and his friends. Efrén stared at him with a smirk on his face, because just at that moment Ruben’s sister was inviting him to play at her home in the afternoon. Ruben got angry with his sister and yelled at her why she was inviting him if he always bothered her.

Efren got into the conversation and responded on behalf of Ruben´s sister, saying she invited him because he was better company than him. Ruben looked at him fiercely, clenched his fists and wanted to throw a punch at him. He saw Marcos sideways, …and remembered the advice he had given. Anyhow, he clenched his fists to give Efrén a good punch, when suddenly; the teacher stopped him and asked, “Efrén, is this the best way to solve things?”.


Management values in conflict

1.- Situations occur in everyday life that generates conflicts and tests our skills and attitudes to find peaceful solutions.

2.- What values do you consider are necessary to be able to solve conflict situations? Solve the word puzzle below. Click on the first and last letters of value, the value found will be indicated.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of each of the following values:Peace, Tolerance, Agreement, Respect and Communication. Write it in the text box.







    For situations management.

  • Values:

    Legality, Honesty, Responsibility

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies the way a person expresses his/her and other people's ethical attitude in everyday situations.

    Recognizes respect for laws, being this basis of a moral and harmonious coexistence between people.

Scenario 5

Minimum 8.5


In a middle school several students comment on the need of having an 8.5 grade point average to enter High school "Benito Juarez", a recognized academic institution and locally the most requested.

Cinthia, one of the students, in recent months missed some classes, she didn’t hand in all the assignments and had low scores in her exams. As a result, she did not reach the minimum grade point average required to enter High school Juarez, although she had promised her parents she would try hard to achieve it.

The situation worried her so much that she decided to discuss it with her peers. Some suggested her to erase the final average of the certificate's copy and correct the data so she could get a registration form. At the end, all she needed was a copy.

Two friends helped her make the alteration, and went with her for a registration form to be able to take the placement test. Upon acceptance, Cinthia felt she had accomplished her purpose and informed her parents she would enroll in high school.

  • “Sooner or later dishonesty is discovered. Nobody can live safe under the lie”.

Cinthia’s parents were proud of their daughter and offered their support to her to continue with her studying aspirations.

Time for registration came. Obviously, Cinthia didn't have her original certificate and asked for a chance to bring it later. She justified this by saying that she had forgotten it. She was given a chance to present it later and began classes.

Cinthia had new classmates, new opportunities and was ready to put all her effort to finish her high school. She felt satisfied until a few days later, the School Control called to tell her that it was the last day to present her original document.

Cinthia, with great concern, brought it the next day...


Think about the importance of values

1.- The application of ethical human values regulates our behavior and our actions. We must consider it when making decisions for a harmonious coexistence.

2.- Look carefully at the pictures and write what you think of each of them. Identify the negative anti-value and write down the value you consider appropriate for each situation.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of each of the following values: Legality, Honesty and Responsibility. Write it in the text box.




  • Competencies:

    Managing situations.

  • Values:

    Love, Friendship, Respect, Responsibility.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Recognizes the need of information to make moral and appropriate decisions for a lifelong, healthy and responsible relationship.

Scenario 6

An unexpected present


Edna is a privileged girl who has all the luxuries because her parents are very important business people. They provide for her comfort and material well-being. However, they are constantly traveling to attend family business’ affairs, so Edna spends most of her time with the nanny. This situation has led Edna to become a materialistic and arrogant girl with the certainty that money can buy anything.
School and studies are not much of her interest therefore her grades are not so good.

In her spare time she usually goes shopping or hangs out with friends, but her parents exhort her to use that time to study, play sports or take dancing, drama, or painting lessons. But for Edna all that is complete boredom.

One summer afternoon she went shopping on her truck. On her way to the mall she saw a girl sitting on a corner crying and decided to approach her and ask what was wrong.

The girl told her that two guys had robbed her. Her greatest grief was that she could not afford the book "The Lord of the Rings" anymore.

  • “Carefully analyzing examples of people lives, allows us to choose better friends”.

Edna decided to help her and bought the book for her. They continued talking for a while and exchanged points of view.

Sonia shared with Edna experiences of her recreational and cultural activities and their benefits. Edna was curious and played with the idea of attending the reading club with Sonia, to see what new experiences she could find.

At the end, she decided to invite her new friend to the movies, and then go for dinner and to a party. She told her that there would be a lot of handsome boys. Additionally, she could borrow the dress she liked the most from her wardrobe and she would help her with the makeup.

Sonia was impressed.

Edna told her to forget the reading club. That she needed to live and have fun!


Reflect on the practice of art for as part of learning.

1.- The essence of a human being is not measured by the material possessions they own. The greatness of people is in their inner spirit. Considering art in its various forms will help you in your integral formation.

2.- Solve the word puzzle below. Click on the first and last letters of value, the value found will be indicated.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values:Friendship, Solidarity, Empathy, Responsibility and Honesty. Write it in the text box.






  • Competencies:

    For situations management.

  • Values:

    Love, Friendship, Respect, Responsibility.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Recognizes the need for information to make appropriate moral decisions for a healthy and responsible lifelong relationship.

Scenario 7

A relationship in harmony


Yadira and Luis have been in a relationship for a year and seven months. She is 15 years old, he is 17. Their relationship has been mature despite their youth. Respect has been mutual. They give each other personal space because they are in different schools. Luis goes to school in the morning and Yadira in the afternoon. Sometimes they see each other when she finishes school, and sometimes when they go out to the same parties and meetings.

Luis’ mom tries talking to him a lot about his relationship because she’s intrigued about the fact that even when they do not see each other often, he is so relaxed. One day, while in the kitchen, his mother took advantage of the moment and asked:

"How are things going with Yadira, son?"

Luis as always, answered calmly: "What things, Mom?"

"What do you do talk about when you see each other, what is important for you?"

“Well, Mom, I don’t know what important means to you. We talk about many things and have so much fun”.

"Sure, I know. But are you aware that you have been together for a long time and things are not that easy?"

"Of course", Luis said, without really understanding what his mom wanted to imply with that conversation.

  • “No need to run. Each stage of life has its own objectives. Always keep in mind your life plan and your personal achievement”.

Luis' mother continued cooking and asking:

"Well son, the truth is that if for some reason your relationship ends I don't know how you would take it. Well, I guess you will be hurt."

"I think so, but you get over it and life goes on."

“Hey, have you talked about the future, about what you will do in the years to come? How do you see yourself in 2, 4 or 6 years? Have you thought on what will happen to your relationship in the future? Do you think that over the years you'll still feel the same for her, or will it be different? I know the attraction you feel for her is very strong, and that offers many temptations. But precisely, if you do not control those emotions, your life projects, what you want to become in life, can be affected”.

Luis stared at her and responded:

"No, we do not talk about it."

"Why?" his mom insisted.

"Maybe it went through my mind once."

Deep in his mind, Luis remembered that he often had been in the situation that his mother just mentioned. He even had asked his friends what to do. Friends had given him a lot of advice; some claimed girls knew how not to complicate their life, even those who claimed it was a girl’s problem and not theirs. One of his closest friends told him the right thing to do was to respect her and be respected in the demonstrating their affection. His mother always told him abstinence was better during relationships, waiting to have sex with your partner until marriage in order to form a solid family. There were friends who advised him to use condoms. They had told him there would be no problem. But he wondered if it was really true.

His mother continued the conversation:

“Well I'll tell you a story, Luis. My friend Clara´s daughter just had a baby and how old do you think she is, son? She just turned 17. Now she has to wash diapers, stay up late to take care of her child, and she, most likely, will have to work and study at the same time if she wants to be someone in the future. Her parents were very firm; they will support her only with the most necessary things. She must stand up for herself, educate and care for her son, because the father vanished in thin air.

Remember, son, being in a relationship is no game. You and Yadira need to respect each other, get to know each other little by little, ultivating your relationship with patience and respect. This is the basis of true love and a relationship”.

The phone rang. It was Yadira. She asked Luis to go to her home and that she was alone because her parents had gone to the movies.

Luis thought about it and did not know what to say to Yadira.

"Luis answer me, are you going to come?"

Luis was thinking what to say.


Analyze the elements of a relationship

1.- Relationships must be based on love, respect and responsibility to be able to continue with our projects and life expectations.

2.- Which elements do you consider essential for a steady relationship? Visualize yourself in the future and write which are your expectations.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Love, Friendship, Respect and Responsibility. Write it in the text box.





  • Competencies:

    For social relationships

  • Values:

    Equality, Respect, Tolerance, Equity, Peace.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies the problems of social relations between groups of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

    To recognize the existence of bullying and proposes ways to eliminate prejudices that originate it.

Scenario 8

Differences and injustices


Axel is a boy from Belize; he’s 13 years old. His features are distinctly African-American: the color of his skin is dark, has thick lips and frizzy hair. His parents decided to live close to the border with Mexico so their child could study in a Mexican school and learn to speak Spanish well, so they enrolled him in a public middle school in Mexico.

“Have you seen the monkey in our class?”.

"Don't be like that Pedro, He's a boy just like you and me, only his skin has a different color.

"The same as me Rosa? Ha, ha, ha. Of course not, I don't live in the jungle and climb trees. Ha, ha, ha!"

"You really have no respect for anything, Pedro."

Pedro stood on his chair and began to tell his classmates:

"Let's see, we will decide who will be the next group leader. The white guys on this side, the brown ones on this other and black ones better not participate. Ha, ha, ha!

  • “The acceptance of physical differences and diversity of people and cultures, strengthens personal dignity”.

Pedro's friends started to laugh, turning to see Axel and pointing at him to make it more obvious that they were making fun of him.

At that moment the teacher enters into the classroom. “Let’s see, what is going on here?”

Axel was in a corner almost crying and the teacher knew his color difference was generating controversy in the group.

“Teacher, teacher, have you noticed that black guy in our class? Why was he accepted in school?” remarked another student.

"It is the first day of school for all of you, a new school, with new classmates. Let me ask you this: what would happen if any of you have the need to go to study abroad, to a country where all people were tall, blonde and with blue eyes?"


Identify risk the factors of bullying

1.- We are all equal and have the same rights, regardless of the color of our skin, social condition or place of origin.

2.- Research the types of bullying and identify if there are actions that could be considered as harassment in your classroom or school. With the support of a partner, make a sign for the prevention of bullying. Print it and place it strategically in your school.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Equality, Respect, Tolerance, Equity and Peace. Write it in the text box.







    For social relationships

  • Values:

    Honesty, Responsibility, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies the way a person expresses his/her ethical attitude and of others in everyday situations.

    Recognizes that respecting the law is the basis of a moral and harmonious coexistence between people.

Scenario 9

Pedro's decisions


It has been more than a semester that the school has not notified Ricardo his son’s grades. This situation begins to worry him because he is used to receiving the progress report cards of his son, who is in second year of middle school. After giving it much thought, Ricardo decided to go to school the next day to talk to the principal.

Meanwhile, Pedro has just received the bimonthly report card and does not know what to do because his grades have fallen quite a lot and his father warned him he would be punished severely if he failed.

"I scored very low in the bimonthly examinations again", he commented to his friend Oscar. "If my dad finds out, he won't allow me to go to my girlfriend's birthday party. "I'd better not show him my report card, in order to go and enjoy the party!"

"How are you going to return it signed?" Oscar asked a bit worried for his friend.

"Look, my father's signature is easy to do. I am going to sign for him to avoid confrontations with him and the school."

  • “The responsibility of school work and respect for the trust family places on us, will give us moral integrity and personal development”.

That afternoon, Pedro returned unworried to his home, because he had found a solution to his problem. After dinner he went to the living room to rest for a while. There he saw his dad’s wallet along with payment receipts. Pedro’s face lighted up thinking that, besides going to the party, thanks to the idea of faking his father's signature on the school’s report; he could also buy a present to his girlfriend if he took money from his father’s wallet. It would be perfect!, he thought.


Develop a reflection of the values taught at home and school

1.- Undoubtedly, the basis for the formation of adolescents is in the family and at school. A fundamental part of these teachings are the values, which determine the way you act and think. As we grow up, we become aware that our actions have consequences, whether positive or negative. Please don't forget, think well before you act!

2.- Write in a letter about the all the teachings you've received and that have remained in your mind and heart, teachings that allow you to act responsibly. Decorate it as you wish, and send it to a person you appreciate.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Honesty, Responsibility and Respect. Write it in the text box.




  • Competencies:

    For social relationships

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Solidarity, Prudence, Empathy.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To learn the difference between superstition and scientific knowledge.

    To recognize the need to get information from reliable sources to decide about health problems.

Scenario 10

A health problem


Claudia is 14 years old; she lives with her mother and two brothers: Pepe is 17 and Rogelio 12. Pepe is a somewhat carefree young man; he focuses his interests in what he does, his friends and his girlfriend. His family is there for him most of the time, but only when he's at home. Rogelio is entering adolescence and has a moody character, sometimes conflictive and with many mood swings. Sometimes he is happy, but most of the time sad and angry just about everything. Claudia, despite being only 14 years old is more interested in the family and home. She knows that her family situation is not as good as she wanted and she doesn’t know what to do to solve many of her and her family’s problems. Dad left home to work abroad. Sometimes he sends them money and sometimes they don’t know anything about him for weeks or months. Her mom has a cataracts problem and each day it is harder for her to see well.

"Pepe, what can we do to improve mom's sight?" asked Claudia, very worried.

"Well, I heard the other day when we went to the square about aid given to poor people who cannot see well, but I do not know what to do."

“We can find out if they can help mom, right?”.

“Well, tomorrow after High school before coming home, if I have time, I’ll go ask for information”.

"Fine! I will come from school as soon as I can to know what you found out."

When the school day was over, Pepe's friends invited him to drink some refreshments at the store on the corner. There they had fun and joked. After a very long time, they went to their homes.

When he got home, Pepe had the feeling that he had forgotten something, but did not give it much importance.

"Did you bring the information?" Claudia asked him.

Then he remembered what he had formally promised to investigate, to be able to help his mom.

The next day, after a heated discussion between Claudia and Pepe, he went to the place to seek for information about the support that was offered to poor people and to see how they could help his mom with her cataract problem. He waited for a long time before he could talk to someone because there were many people waiting for their turn. They told him everything he had to do. He was told that his mother would have to have several health and eye tests done. A group of specialists would prepare her and then operate on her with new surgical technology. When they found out his mother’s age, they said it could be risky, but he needed to trust technology and the professional physicians.

Pepe came out quite worried. He was afraid of everything they told him, especially about the new technology. He did not trust it much.

On the way, he met again with friends and went to the same store to drink some refreshments. Pepe told them about his mother's situation and what they had told him about the doctors and the technology used in the operations. A man who was in the store heard everything and approached Pepe and said: "That just happened to me. I lost an eye and I almost died in the operation. I think it's a lie that technology solves everything. Now that I have started with the same problem in my other eye, I will go see someone who treats diseases differently. He knows a lot about herbs and ointments that can remove cataracts. He advertised himself on the radio and on television. So I suggest you take your mother with this gentleman.

  • “To be informed of the progresses in medical science we will keep us from being victims of quackery”.

"Look, this is his address."

Pepe was shocked. His friends had mixed feelings about the information. They told Pepe to take advantage of the man's advice and to take his mother with whom the man recommended. He had to be very good, because he was announcing himself on TV!

When Pepe got home he told his sister what had happened. He told her that he considered that the technology recommended for their mom's eye problem seemed like a lot of lies and that the recommendation made by the man in the store seemed better and less complicated.

“What do you think, Claudia? This is better, right? So mom won’t need to have surgery”.

Claudia did not know what to answer. Pepe seemed convinced. Rogelio, who heard everything without grumbling, suddenly exclaimed, "Please decide! What is the best thing to do?"

The two older siblings turned to the young boy and stared at him. Claudia put her hands on her head and Pepe said: “You know nothing. It is better to take our mother to the man who advertises himself on TV. Here, I have the address. So mom will not suffer from the surgery and will get better ... don’t you think?


Investigate scientific and technological discoveries in the field of health

1.- The advances of science and technology in the field of health provide us with diagnoses of diseases with increasingly accurate and effective treatments. When people lack access to information about these developments, very often they falls into quackery, superstition or fanaticism.

2.- Investigate the concept of science, relate the characteristics of science with its concept. Click, drag and drop in the appropriate box.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values:Responsibility, Solidarity, Prudence and Empathy. Write it in the text box.





  • Competencies:

    Life in society.

  • Values:

    Respect for life, respect for others, physical integrity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To recognize in everyday life situations the contribution of values shared by humanity to achieve peaceful coexistence among individuals and groups.

Scenario 11

Faceless enemies


The second grade students of middle school were in the Social Studies class. The teacher began the dialogue by making the following question: “What is a faceless enemy, students?”

"Well, someone who wants to hurt you and you cannot see their face,"
Mariana said.

"Very well, Mariana, anyone else?"

"Teacher, could it be a bacteria or a virus?"

"Very good question, Jorge."

"If they are going hurt us, bacteria and viruses become our enemies, and since we cannot see them, they do not have face, right?"

"It's a very logical answer, but let's put aside what ails us, and focus on what surrounds us and who we have contact with every day."

Students turned around to see each other and did not know what to say.

  • “Insecurity should not reduce our freedom and enjoyment of social coexistence spaces”.

"Let's see, does anyone have any idea about what happened on September 2001 in the United States?".

“Some planes crashed the Twin Towers in New York”.

“That’s right, Alexandra. So, you should know that event generated a new security culture worldwide”.

“How is that teacher? Was there no security in that time?”

“Laura, how could we have known that our neighbor was a criminal?”.

“Well I’ve known Beto, the guy who lives across the street, since we were in kindergarten. The people who live next door are very nice people who leave for work early and return late at night, but they are quiet. And all the others ... well, I do not know... But in this neighborhood most people know each other, but lately new people have arrived and we know nothing about them.

In the afternoon, Laura saw police cars outside Beto's house. She asked her mother what had happened.

"I do not know. It seems that the family is involved with criminals! From now on, you are not going out in the afternoons."

“But, Mom! Laura protested. “Today I had planned to go to downtown with my friends!”

"Sorry", Mom answered her daughter. "But it's for your own sake and for the sake of all of us too. The neighbors and the city are not like they used to be. We must be careful!"

"Look, Mom, don't you think that if we lock ourselves up we are going to lose our friends? Then we will not be able to go to the movies, to the stadium, to the square, to walk in public places! Soon we could lose our own city,"Laura argued.

Laura's father, who was hearing the conversation, said to both of them:

"We must think carefully about what you are both saying...I think that...


Identify preventive measures against insecurity

1.- The problem of insecurity has brought many changes in our daily lives, at home, school and community levels. Children and youth are the groups that are more vulnerable in suffering aggression, exploitation and abuse, therefore the importance to pay close attention to the recommendations to know how to identify risk factors.

2.- Make a list of safety recommendations for prevention and protection of your personal integrity.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values:Respect for life, Respect for others and Physical integrity.Write them on the text box.

Respect for life

Respect for others

Physical integrity

  • Competencies:

    Life in society.

  • Values:

    Participation, Responsibility, Prudence, Solidarity, Kindness.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Recognizes the importance of anticipating the effects that natural disasters can have on communities.

Scenario 12

Threat or disaster?


Ernesto and Eva are students in the middle school "Emiliano Zapata" and they are in second grade. At the beginning of the school year, they had been absent because the city had been damaged due to a hurricane in their area. They discussed the event with their teacher in class:

“In our house a lot of water got in, we had to climb onto the roof and after three days we got all the water out” Ernesto said.

“Here at school some walls fell, the railings on the second floor of Building C collapsed and almost all the surrounding trees were on sidewalks and blocking the entrance for several days”.

"Does anyone know why Luisa didn't come?"

“Oh, Miss! Her family was on one of the most affected. They are in a shelter, not knowing when they’re going to be able to go back home. That area is still completely flooded you can’t even see the ground yet”.

"How do you know, Eva?"

  • “Anticipating natural disasters, avoids risks and saves lives”.

"Well, as you know, Luisa is my friend, and since we hadn't seen each other, I asked my dad to take me to her house. He told me he couldn't that the people from that area had been taken to a shelter.

"But the worst happened in the canyons. Several families refused to leave their homes. Due to the flood, a lot of stones and mud fell over them. Some even died." another student of the group commented.

"Well guys, we have to learn how to anticipate damage from natural disasters and prevent catastrophes that may arise.

"Prevent threats? But if you've already been threatened, how can you prevent them? Well, if people live in dangerous areas, it is by choice, and there is nothing to do!"


Make a plan of activities for disaster relief

1.- Prevention is key when natural disasters occur. It allows us to reduce the negative impact of the event. After the disaster, there are many losses. The most painful ones are human losses. Entire families need our help. It's time to practice the value of solidarity.

2.- Have you ever been in a hurricane, flood or earthquake? What kind of help do you think families need? Make a help plan for the community.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Participation, Responsibility, Prudence, Solidarity and Kindness. Write it in the text box.







Book of Values

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