• Competencies:

    For permanent Learning.

  • Values

    Equity, Respect, Equality, Tolerance.

  • Learning outcome:

    To understand that men and women share rights and obligations equally and deserve to be treated with equity and respect as well.

Scenario 1 .

At basketball practice.


The physical education class was about to start and all the young men were taking off their uniforms and putting on their sports clothes. Suddenly, the girls passed by fooling around among them.

Look, the “chicks” are coming! A thin and tall boy said while he was pointing at the jolly group.

“Get out of here!Get out! Get out!” All of them started yelling, following the leader’s voice.

The girls walked away immediately, and found a place to sit down far away from the boys.

Who are you referring to, Sebastian, your girl classmates, maybe? The professor asked Sebastian very seriously while he was pointing out the place where the girls were sitting.

“Well, of course I am talking about them, Professor. Don’t tell me that they are going to play with us again? It is not fair! We feel so girly, when women are included and play in our team!”.

  • “Men and women could build a better world together”.

“Please teacher, don’t do that to us! They are a complete group of losers!” One of the boys said, hiding himself behind the rest of the group.

The teacher looked at them firmly, and said: “Is it a fact that you are splendid basketball players? C’mon! Ok, tell me who are the ones that don´t want girls in your team?” The teacher asked, with a smirk.

The first to answer was Sebastian. Fourteen hands were raised at the same time, right after him.

“So most of you don’t agree to share the basketball court with "the chicks"?”.

Everyone laughed out loud amused when they heard that expression coming out from their very serious professor’s mouth. It was a complete new feeling among them and their teacher. So then everyone started to say all kind of expressions or sayings against women, assuming an approving attitude from the teacher “Girls can’t play well!”, “Girls can’t beat us!”, “Girls don’t understand a thing about sports!”, “Girls are weak!”.

We don’t want them at all! Sebastian shouted euphorically.

Suddenly, a girl’s voice cried out: “Sebastian! Sebastian! Your brother has just fallen down on the stairs. Juliet took him in her arms to the medical office and the doctor asked you to call your mother. He wants her to come and pick him up!” .

Sebastian looked around desperately and said: “Hey, does anybody have a cell phone? The public school telephone broke down yesterday because of the storm!”.

Isabel, one of the girls, luckily had a cell phone, and she thought about giving him a lesson lending him her cell phone. She addressed the other girls rapidly and asked them: “What should I do? Should I lend it to him? You know the way he always treats us, and the things he says about us”.

Sebastian, totally concerned, looked at the group of girls, but they were all quiet as a stone.

“I have to call my sister! He cried out, knowing he had the eyes of his classmates on him. My mom is at work now! She cannot get out to come here”.

All the boys looked at each other … all the girls remained in silence…


Investigate what gender equality is

1.- Have you ever heard about gender equality? A long time ago society perceived women as a figure dedicated to give birth, and to only take care of the house and family. Nowadays, men and women share the same rights and obligations.There are many activities that women can do now, particularly in an equality of opportunities.

2.- Find out the concepts of gender equality and being sexist. Elaborate a list of things that men and women can do indistinctly.

Reinforcing Values

1.- To investigate the concepts of these values: Equity, Respect, Equality and Tolerance. Write them down in their boxes.





  • Competencies:

    Permanent Learning.

  • Values:

    Courage, Perseverance, Friendship, Love.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Establishes goals and aspirations in life, and identifies the motivation to accomplish them.

Scenario 2

The burned child


Some time ago, an altruistic teacher used to visit the children from a big hospital in Mexico City. Her work there was to help them with their homework so that they wouldn’t be too far behind in their lessons when they returned to school.

One day, the teacher received an ordinary call from a school. They asked her to go to visit this particular patient. She asked the name of the boy, the name of the hospital and the room number. The person on the other side of the phone was the teacher of the patient. She instructed: “We are learning nouns and adverbs in class now. I’d appreciate it if you help him with his homework, please. I don’t want him to be left behind from the rest of the class”.

It was until she was at the hospital when she noticed that the child’s room was located in the Burn Care Unit. She felt at that moment that maybe she was not qualified at all for that job. She was also trembling nervously for the impression that awaited her at the other side of the door.

Before she went in she had to put on a sterilized cap and apron to avoid any possibility of infection. They also asked her

  • “Empathy and solidarity are the concepts that motivate people to move forward. Let’s practice these values with everyone”.

not to touch neither the boy nor the bed. She could get close to him as long as she wore that mask that was needed in that confined area.

After she ended the sterilization process of cleaning arms and hands, and wearing those special clothes, she breathed deeply and entered the room. The little one, horribly burned, was suffering a lot. The teacher felt so awkward, and didn’t know what to say, but now it was too late to turn back and leave the place and the child.

When she could articulate a word she finally said: “Hello, I am the teacher that attends the hospital, and your school teacher asked me to help you with nouns and adverbs”.

When the session finished, she felt like it hadn’t been her best.

When she got back the next morning one of the nurses from the Burn Care Unit asked the teacher: “What did you do with that kid?”.

The teacher started to think promptly on a vast list of apologies and excuses, but the nurse interrupted her and said:

“Don’t misunderstand this. We were extremely worried about him, but after your visit his attitude changed radically. Now he’s fighting back, and the treatment is working”.


Elaborate a short story about solidarity

1.- Solidarity is one of the values that help in good human relations because it lets us help others and leads usto do good. When we practice solidarity we allow ourselves to contribute to just and noble causes giving hope to those in need.

Another important value for human coexistence is empathy. This value lets us comprehend and help each other.

2.- Have you ever experienced a natural disaster like a hurricane, an earthquake, or a flood in your life? Talk to your parents and grandparents about this topic. Write a short story or an anecdote about it. Did you find any example of empathy and solidarity in your story?

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following values: Courage, Perseverance, Friendship and Love. Write them down in the boxes.





  • Competencies:

    Information Management.

  • Values:

    Honesty, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Recognizes risky situations for self and others.

    To learn about the State Programs designed to prevent crime and help its victims.

Scenario 3

Where is it?


It was a quite calm morning; everything was going as usual in classroom “A” of the 1st grade in middle school. Some students were making jokes; some others were talking about trending topics while Jorge was collecting the money to photocopy the math exercises asked by their teacher. Then the bell rang indicating them to move to the GYM for the next class that was physical education. Everyone put away the books immediately and ran to the GYM trying to avoid delays.

Once they were in class, they started doing some warming up exercises. After that, the boys formed teams to start the soccer training because the annual tournament was coming up. The girls, meanwhile, practiced their cheerleading routine.

Daniela asked the teacher to let her go to the classroom to get the CD she needed for the routine because she had forgotten it there. Carlos also asked for permission to leave the class because the team’s uniforms were in the classroom.

When the class ended everyone went back to the classroom to get their books and move to the Science Teacher’s conference. George had to go to the library to ask the librarian to photocopy the math exercises to hand them out at the end of school.

But he had a huge surprise when he found his backpack opened. He tried desperately to find the bag where the list and the money of their classmates were, but all his attempts were in vain.


To reflect on your inappropriate actions

1.- Honesty and respect must be an essential part of our daily actions. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you.

2.- Observe the images carefully. Write in the boxes below what you will do in a situation like that and the impression that they had on you.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concepts of the following values: Honesty and Respect. Write them down in the boxes.



  • Competencies:

    Information management.

  • Values:

    Respect, Mental and Physical integrity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To reflect on the relationships established in setin the secondary school, and on the values of respect, equity, solidarity and tolerance.

    To recognize the importance to look after the mental and physical integrity in oneself and others.

Scenario 4

Social networks and bullying


Margarita was curious about what her older brothers Juan and Pedro were doing at the computer. They laughed from time to time, and then they typed something, and laughed again.

Her brothers responded to a call from a friend inviting them to go outside and play. They left the room immediately, leaving the computer on, and it was at that moment when Margarita got close to it, and could see a long chain of messages from a group of boys from the school who shared the joke played to a younger boy. They talked about how they pushed him, threw his books down, and called him names. They mentioned that they laughed at him, and made fun every time he claimed to be left alone. In addition to the messages, they added photos and videos showing when they teased him, causing tears and fear on the younger boy’s face.

The next day, when Margarita came to school she wasted no time, and told her friends what she had seen in her brother’s computer.

  • “Remember that a friend always loves you, backs you up, helps you and moreover, respects you”.

One of her friends said exactly the same thing. She had seen those messages too, and related them to those students in classroom “B”.

Margarita couldn’t understand why no one had told the hall monitor about this situation. Her friends replied, explaining the countless problems they could have if they complained. It would be possible that the joke and bullying towards the kid would increase. They also confessed that similar things happened in different classrooms.

Margarita reflected on the wrong side of those kinds of messages in the internet. A friend added that worse things could be found there. Margarita got shocked about it, and wondered if there would be something she could do to prevent those kinds of acts at school.


Identify and learn measures to prevent bullying

1.- In a school environment you can learn, coexist, and have fun but, sometimes unpleasant situations happen and you must be aware of them. There are some students that live to bother, mock about social conditions, attack mentally and physically, threat, and blackmail. All these actions are called bullying and it is very important that you learn to identify it and protect your integrity.

2.- Make a list of suggestions that would help you prevent bullying in schools, at the end of the activity write down the values needed to make the situation better.

Reinforcing Values

1.- To investigate the concepts of the following values: Respect, mental and physical integrity. Write them down in the boxes.


Physical integrity

Mental integrity

  • Competencies:

    Situation management.

  • Values:

    Honesty, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To identify the ethical values needed to set interpersonal relationships based on respect and honesty.

Scenario 5

The cellphone


Roberto was walking through the school hall. He was actually walking too fast. He was just coming out of the restrooms, and looked in all directions. He was looking for someone but he didn’t know exactly who.

He felt excited. He could hardly believe it! It was the cell phone he had always wanted, one of the newest ones, and he had come across it!.

It was a coincidence that the day before he had just asked his father for a new cell phone. He had even thought about negotiating it in exchange of his good grades in the current school year. But now, with the device in his hands, every thought was pointless. Although he couldn’t forget his father staring and himand saying: “I won’t be in need to reward you. If you get good grades at school, life will do it”.

He thought about his father’s response and he didn’t like it at all. He had even thought that his father was unfair with him. Roberto was a good student and a responsible one too. He always did his homework in a good mood, and completed his chores on time. So, why couldn’t he get what he had always wanted as a reward? Instead of that

  • “Think twice before acting and you’ll never regret it”.

he remembered his father’s words telling him: “Roberto, you must always do the right thing, and life will reward you, never forget it son!”.

How could Roberto ever forget his father’s words when he always repeated the same thing? “Live your life embracing values and you’ll grow successful and strong.” But now, with that object, that someone hadn’t taken good care of, in his hands, he thought of his father’s words.

He continued walking as if he was in a hurry. He held the cell phone tightly in his hands. When he saw it all uncared-for at the sink he first thought that somebody had left it there by accident, but then he realized that nobody was there at that moment, so he didn’t hesitate, he took it and walked out of the room.

He wasted no time reflecting on what his father would have done in a situation like that, healready knew the answer to that.

While he was walking down the hall he tried to guess by people’s gestures. Any sign of concern, as if they had lost a belonging, which he had found and now restedin his hands.

For a moment Roberto stayed still in front of the exit. He didn’t know what to do, the temptation of keeping it was heavy but on the other hand, his father’s words restrained him...


Reflect on the importance of values

1.- It is inside our family where we learn the values that define our behavior and actions. We must practice this lesson constantly because it will make us react properly to different situations.

2.- Observe the images carefully. Write down your opinions about the activities they are doing in the boxes.

Reinforcing Values

1.- To investigate the concepts of the following values: Honesty and Respect.



  • Competencies:

    For situations management.

  • Values:

    Respect for oneself.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies situations that affect our health.

    To Search for the most common health problems in adolescence and propose solutions.

Scenario 6



February was about to start and the girls were anxious to do the gown’s shopping for the St. Valentine’s ball. Time was ticking and the event was just around the corner, so they decided to go shopping. Next Saturday they were all at the dressing room in one of the fashion shops. They were trying lots of dresses, and shouting from door to door:

“Did it fit, Elisa? I could barely zip it. These sizes are wrong, I think’’, said Carla. Lili replied from another door: ‘‘No, I think sizes are correct, the problem here is you!”.

Carla replied with a serious voice: ‘‘Stop it Liliana, don’t start teasing us. Remember, not everyone can have a waist like yours; it is normal to be size seven.

Liliana was slim. Her height flattered her figure. She looked like a runway model, and because of that, many girls at school didn’t like, but envied her.

“Your size would be different if you wanted, my dear friends. I’m tired of telling you, there are so many ways to help you out with that, but you don’t want to be helped”, grumbled Lili while they all got out of the dressing rooms.

  • “Love and respect yourself… you are special and unique”.

“We might not be perfect, Lili, but everyone knows that the “miraculous” way you lost weight wasn’t quite the best. A few months ago I lent you my jeans, and you found them difficult to zip, remember? Don’t tell us now that they fitted you because you grew up in height too fast”, interrupted Carla, with a grumpyvoice.

“Of course not. It cost me hard work, pain, and money, and it was worth it; nothing’s free in life. While you were trying larger sizes I fitted size 3… Don’t tell me you don’t want to fit in the same size I do’’, Liliana asked them, while she held the small jeans she was about to pay’’. ‘‘But this is the truth; you can’t help yourselves at all. You eat all day long, and maybe five or six times a day. What’s wrong with you? You are going to end up trying clothes from the maternity department!”.

Elisa was really angry and interrupted her immediately.

“Listen, Lili,let’s make this thing clear. We don’t eat all day! And since you don’t sit with us to have lunch anymore, you have no right to say those lies. The real problem here is that you are the one that is not right. You said you had no time to eat, and you think nobody notices that you skip your meals more and more often because of your classes at the GYM. We believe that you are exceeding your time there; you are even forgetting to do your homework, and that is indeed a real problem”.

“What I can see here is that you really envy me because I am the only one who accomplishes her goals. I said that I would lose weight for the ball dance and I am doing it. But it is your decision; there are lots of new methods to lose weight for example: reducing creams, pills, shoes, etc. I just want to help you” Lili justified herself.

But then Carla interrupted:

“Hey, that’s enough! We’d better hurry. It is almost seven and my mom is making flour tortillas. She told me that when I went to my jazz lessons. What do you say? Are you in? C’mon, call your parents, so they won’t worry, tell them we’ll drive you home later. Quit fighting, let’s go!”.

“Didn’t you listen to a word I said or what?” asked Lili....


Investigate about the importance of nutrition

1.- Good eating habits guarantee your good health, and its importance to put them into practice for an optimal mental and physical functioning.

2.- Investigate this:

Differences among food, nutrition y nutrients

What is malnutrition?

What is anorexia?

What is obesity?

What kind of groups of foodare included in the eatwell plate?

Reinforcing Values

1.- Investigate the concept of the following value: Respect for oneself. Write it down in the box.

Respect for oneself

  • Competencies:

    For coexistence.

  • Values:

    Friendship, Cooperation, Initiative, Teamwork.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Establishes relationships among peers based on respect, equity, solidarity and dialogue.

    Designs activities to take positive advantage of free time.

Scenario 7

We are bored!


It looked like a regular morning. Heat had taken over the small city, and vacations even though they had just started, were extending, attacking the teenagers with sense of boredom. What they watched on TV was not the same as their real life.

“What beaches? What nice walks? What trips?”

“We waited so long for vacations to end up sitting in the front door! Everyday!”.

“That’s what I was telling my father, it’s barely the first week, and I’m bored already. I want some action!”.

“Ha,ha,ha,ha!” The four friends laughed to see Arturo’s face of grief as he talked.

Arturo was known for being the most tranquil of the friends, who had just finished first grade of middle school. Arturo kept playing quietly his guitar like background music to the conversation.

“Look who’s talking about action! Besides homework, you never do anything else but play your guitar”.

“This heat is unbearable! I think I’ll go home and finish a picture I’m painting. Next month is my mother’s birthday and that will be her present”.

“C’mon, don’t leave! Let’s keep talking… it’s still early. You can paint later!”.

“When I told my father I was bored, he told me: find something useful to do, something foryour own benefit and others” interrupted Arturo.

“Oh! Arturo, and what are you thinking about”.

Arturo kept quiet for a second and then his eyes shined and said:


The four teenagers laughed and they could have gone forever, but Sofia showed up and asked friendly: “What are you up to?”.

Sofía was a friendly young lady as well as a good student. Her hobby was dancing. Despite her young age, she mastered different styles.

“Nothing, just killing time here. Talking about how we get bored during summer vacations”.

“Don’t you feel ashamed of killing the most important thing humans have: 'time'” said Sofia jokingly.

“Oh, there goes the teacher…”.

“And, what have you done?”.

“I come from my dance class and I was thinking about what to do the rest of the day. I get bored a lot, too”.

Their chat was interrupted by a woman, who bag in hand, left her house in a hurry. She looked worry.

“Carlos! I’m leaving. Take care of your brothers and sisters. They’re watching TV. I left lunch in the fridge, at two o’clock take it out and heat it up. Eat all together. I’m leaving very worried I’ll be back at five. Please, son, do something useful! Good morning, kids. Sofia, say hello to your mother!”.

  • “Touse your free time positively, will makes feel satisfied”.

Carlos’ mother said all this barely catching her breath; she had to get to work on time.

The kids watched as she left and smiled.

“Do you see that, Arturo? A lot of action is waiting for me in there along with my two little brothers. TV entertains them just for a while but then when they are tired of it they start to misbehave. huh!”.

“We’re all the same…taking care of our little siblings... and I don’t know what to do with mine” Julio said.

He has three younger siblings to take care of during in the summer. He doesn’t like to because he ends up exhausted, trying to keep them from hurting themselves during so many hours of leisure.

Suddenly, they all remained silent. Only the faint notes played on Arturo’s guitar were heard...

“I have an idea!”.

“You took your time, Ernestito! You’re not a nanny in the summer or what? “Lets see, tell us what’re thinking” Julio said.

“This is not a joke. I think we can do something useful. It won’t be easy. We’ll need a lot of organization and compromise to achieve it. I know we can do something really useful and different this summer”.

“Are you including me in your plans, Ernesto?”.

“Of course, Sofía! Listen, Arturo plays the guitar, Sofía dances, I like to paint, Carlos is good at making models and such, and Julio… What can you do?”.

“Mmmmm… lots of things; let’s see, explain your idea...”


Elaborate a project for the benefit of your community

1.- To work in teams allowing all its members to give solutions, share opinions and move fast forward through different topics and set of activities.

2.- Elaborate a project in groups in which you plan nonprofit activities to take care of environment.

Reinforcing Values

To find out the concepts of the following values: Friendship, Cooperation, Initiative, Teamwork. Write them down in the boxes.




Team work

  • Competencies:

    To foster social relationships.

  • Values:

    Freedom, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Knowshis rights and the commitment of the Commission for Human Rights.

    Identifies situations where human rights are violated.

Scenario 8

A different morning


Carmen is the new girl in middle school. Her parents moved to the city in the middle of the school year because of their work. Carmen is a brilliant, devoted and responsible student, because of this, and that she’s new, some of her classmates have not accepted her. They laugh at her and give her “the cold shoulder” when the teachers praise her.

Rocío is the leader of the class. She has been gained it by intimidation and threats. One day,just because she “felt like it” she led her classmates to teach a lesson to the “star of class”, a name given by Carmen.

Taking advantage that school was almost over and that the teacher was called to the principal’s office, Rocío locked the classroom door. Everyone knew what to do… Jose blocked the door; nobody could enter or leave the classroom… a few classmates made a circle around Carmen’s desk… she was shocked, she had no idea what was happening. Some girls tried to calm Rocío, but just with one look she was able to control them.

  • “Freedom is one of the most valuable treasures of human beings”.

The “lesson” consisted in the students around the circle would call her names, insulting her. Her first, reaction was to run to the door and try to escape… Jose didn’t let her get out, he pushed her, and told her that they would decide when she couldleave.

Meanwhile, Carmen’s father crossed the schoolyard towards the classroom. However, when he knocked nobody opened the door. The students didn’t hear someone was trying to enter.

Immediately, Carmen’s father alerts the school monitor who ran quickly to get the key. Jose moved from the door immediately and Carmen ran out crying.

The hall monitor very angry told them:

“You’ll have committed a very serious offense, remember every action has a consequence.

All the students were speechless as they heard her...


Reflect on the term Freedom

1.- One of the most valuable values around the world is freedom. We must practice it with respect, compromise and responsibility.

2.- Reflect on this value andwrite down in the boxes a description of these different types of freedom:

  • • Freedom of speech
  • • Freedom of movement
  • • Freedom of religion
  • • Freedom of choice

Freedom of speech

Freedom of movement

Freedom of religion

Freedom of choice

Reinforcing Values

1.- To find out the concept of the following values: Freedom and Respect Write them down in the boxes.



  • Competencies:

    Life inside society.

  • Values:

    Respect, Responsibility, Social participation.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To recognize obligations needed to preserve the environment.

    To propose feasible actions to improve the way of living in the community.

Scenario 9

An unbearable heat


It was common in our city that the days became hotter during May. However, this wasn’t a usual day as the residents of the neighborhood expressed. Lucia and Rosa bought a Popsicle to mitigate the hot temperatures, while they talked about their afternoon activities.

“Hey Rosa, how about we stop by my aunt’s house to borrow her inflatable swimming pool? I can’t stand this heat!”, Lucía suggested, as she wiped her sweat off

“I don’t know… We’d better go buy the groceries with your mom, so we can enjoy the air conditioner for a while, don’t you think so?” Rosa replied immediately.

Both friends kept talking while they walked back home under the intense sun, and a temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. They decided to go to Rosa’s house to finish homework, and after that they would decide how to mitigate that heat.

Rosa’s mother had just finished cooking. She asked the girls to set the table for lunch. After they were all seated, the talk started...

  • “Our actions affect the environment. Let’s be conscious and act to take care of the planet”.

“Mom! The weather is crazy, we are dying because of the heat, and grandma says it rains all day in Distrito Federal” Rosa complained.

“Mrs. Lopez, are these high temperatures normal? My mom thinks the heat is increasing more and more every year. Do you know why?”.

Rosa’s father, who listened to every word from the living room, interrupted the conversation.

“Girls, these are consequences we have to face due to our neglect and disrespect for our planet. It is not a coincidence that some places are getting hotter while others suffer terrible floods that take hundreds of lives and foster economic losses”, the father said in a serious mood.

“Well, dad… What are we supposed to do? I can’t fight the world by myself. Besides, how can a person change anything when the rest of the people keep doing bad things?” Rosa replied with annoyance.

“But we can help, Rosa! We could start doing simple changes. Then we could convince our friends and then our family”, said Lucia, trying to persuade her.

“Well, you are not convincing me, Lucy. Besides, it’s useless! There’s no way I can save the world by turning off a single light, don’t you think so? Or by deciding to recycle plastic bags instead of throwing them into the river, right? Well, I don’t …!”


Investigate about climate change

1.- Surely you have heard about environmental protection and the irreversible damage we have caused to our planet. It is necessary to become aware that our actions have consequences and that each of us can do a lot to help save the planet. We must act in order to live in a safer and more pleasant environment.

2.- Research the following topics:

  • What is climate change?
  • The consequences of climate change.
  • Sustainable development

What is climate change?

Consequences of climate change

Sustainable development

Reinforcing Values

1.- To find out the concepts of the following values: Respect, Responsibility and Social participation. Write them in the text boxes.



Social Participation

  • Competencies:

    To foster life in society.

  • Values:

    Peace, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies problematic situations encountered in the classroom and solves them by talking to classmates.

Scenario 10

The exhibition


1st grade ‘E’ from the middle school afternoon shift, prepared an art exposition with the help of their teacher. They presented every work made in arts class during the month, and invited their parents to see their work.

The next day, the class had a big surprise when they saw some of the works lying on the floor; others had their images peeled off, and marker scribbles on them.

The students reacted with anger and started to think about a punishment for whoever was responsible. They all believed the students from the morning shift were guilty.

Different solutions were suggested in the classroom: “We’ll wait for them when the morning shift ends, and then we’ll give them what they deserve”, “Let’s throw away their scale models left in the locker to teach them a lesson”, “Here we have their notebooks, let’s throw them into the trash can”, “as my grandma always used to say… An eye for an eye...!”.

  • “If you want to be respected, learn to respect others first”.

Laughs were heardevery time a new punishment was suggested, some of them would yell outinsults against their “enemies” while they cleaned the disaster.

Suddenly, a tall and strong boy stood in front of everyone, holding a bunch of paper sheets in his hand as he shouted: “Look what I do to your little Science projects … They’llall go to the trash can!”.

One by one, he started ripping the paper sheets with his hands as he talked.

Everybody looked at him with surprise, and asked him not to do it. The majority complained at him for this action, but some others encouraged him.

The boy said: That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? We only want them to feel what we felt!...”.


Elaborate a suggestion to eradicate conflicts

1.- When conflicts arise in your family, at school or in your community, it is necessary to practice the values of respect and tolerance, since they favor the resolution of conflicts in a peaceful manner.

2.- Look at the images carefully. Describe the conflict represented in them, and write a proposal on the values that could help solve it.

Reinforcing Values

1.- To find out the concepts of the following values: Peace and Respect. Write them in the text boxes.



  • Competencies:

    Life inside society.

  • Values:

    Pluralism, Respect, Tolerance, Solidarity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To recognize the benefits of living in democracy, respecting opinion of others and assumes responsibility as a member of a group.

Scenario 11

The “posada”


Miss Corina is the tutor of the 1st grade; group C of the middle school “Francisco Flores Sánchez”. To tell you the truth, it is hard for this group to get organized. They even ended up quarreling when they tried to plan the Mexican night, and decided to cancel it because it was difficult for them to make choices.

“Too bad! Who wants to have a party anyways? It’s soboring to get people organized!” a student said.

“Well, I hope wewere united and would do activities together. Nothing will happen to us if we show a little interest”, Paola answered.

“This all is our tutor´s fault; she never does anything; she just looks at us as when we discuss. She should tell us what to do, don’t you think? She is the adult here” Luis said.

This group of friends continued talking about this and never got into an agreement. So, the days passed and December arrived…”

  • “Listen to other people’s opinions and look for consensus, only by that, we could strengthen our society”.

Teacher Corina encouraged her students to celebrate the posada as a group. But, as soon as the issue was mentioned, their differences appeared. They could not agree about food, the place, the time, the date.

“Teacher, you decide. If they don’t want to go to the party is their problem. Things will be easier that way. Otherwise, we will never reach an agreement!” Luis stated.

The teacher just reflected and made a gesture of disapproval.


Reflect about democracy

1.- Don’t forget that in a group of people, democracy helps them reach an agreement. It also helps them to express their points of view in a peaceful manner.

2.- Reflect and make a list of some activities in which you and your classmates can use democracy to reach an agreement. For example, organizing a school trip. Describe the democratic procedures you can use to organize it.

Reinforcing Values

1.- To find out the concepts of the following values: Pluralism, Respect, Tolerance and Solidarity. Write them in the text boxes.





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