• Competencies:

    Knowledge and care for yourself.

  • Values:

    Respect for yourselves and others, healthcare and personal integrity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Applies information on different means of healthcare and addiction prevention.

Scenario 1

Preventing addictions


At Jose´s house his parents organize family gatherings every weekend. His Uncle Enrique, who was in town visiting, attended last weekend’s party. He lives in a town in the middle of the state.

On Saturday afternoon, everybody arrived at Jose’s house. All the men immediately went under a mesquite tree to drink some beer and some to smoke, while women went to the kitchen to cook.

“Jose, come here!” Uncle Enrique shouted, “Come on, hurry up!”

“Yes, uncle... I’m going” Jose answered, coming to where Uncle Enrique was. “Yes?”.

“Look, Jose, drink from my beer” Uncle Enrique said offering him his drink. “Come on, give it a good sip!”.

“No, uncle, thanks!” Jose answered embarrassed.

“But why not, kid?” exclaimed Uncle Enrique, and he took Jose’s arm. “I’m telling you to drink it!”.

“Leave him alone, if he doesn’t want to, don’t force him.” intervened Jesus, Jose’s father.

“How come he doesn’t drink? Come on! He is already a big boy!” Uncle Enrique said, a little upset.

“But I don’t want to do it, uncle!” Jose said, trying to convince him. “I don’t like it!”.

“Leave the child alone, Enrique” said Mr. Jesus. “I’m going to buy some ice, I’ll be back”.

Then, uncle Enrique took advantage that his brother wasn’t there to push Jose to do it.

“Look, Jose, you have to drink up on your own will, or I will force you to!” Uncle Enrique said.

“I told you that I don’t want to do it! I don’t like it!” Jose pleaded.

“If you don’t drink, you are not a man!” said his Uncle “Look, … Felipe, come here son!”.

“Yes, dad” answered Felipe.

“Look, son…take it, drink up” He was commanded; while giving him a cup of beer. “Show your cousin that you are a real man!”.

Felipe took the cup and gave it a big sip. Jose just stared at his cousin. Uncle Enrique, proudly showing off his son.

“So what Jose!”said Felipe “Would you do it or not?”.

  • “I live a healthy life, without addictions”.


Which are the goals in your life and what do you need to achieve them?

1.- When we intend to achieve a goal, don’t forget that we need two essential requirements: effort and perseverance.

2.- Solve the puzzle.Click on the picture and move it to the place it corresponds.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the place that the next values correspond: Respect to ourselves and others, Care of your personal health and Integrity

  • Competencies:

    Self-regulation and responsible exercise of freedom.

  • Values:

    Freedom, Responsability, Justice, Respect.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To recognize that observance of laws and human rights in his/her immediate context promotes coexistence.

Scenario 2

The accident


Sofia and Mariana are studying 5th grade in the same school and group. They have been friends since first grade.

One day, at Mariana’s house, her father says to his wife: “Today we are finally opening the taco restaurant, woman, it has cost us so much effort, hopefully we will do well, so we can continue to afford Mariana’s school. I would like her to become a great doctor as she wants”.

Mariana’s mother answered: “Of course my dear, you will see we will be able to support our daughter…”.

“Indeed, woman. Well, its five o'clock in the afternoon and I haven’t gone to get meat for the tacos, I'll be back real quick”.

“Yes, my dear, be careful…”.

On the way, a dramatic accident occurs. Sofia´s father was driving irresponsibly and crashed his truck into Luis’s car, Mariana´s father. Luis got hurt real bad and was admitted in the hospital, because of the several fractures presented.

In the hospital lobby, Mariana’s mother told her daughter:

“I don’t know that we are going to do, honey, your father is going to need a lot of medicines and we don’t have enough money…”.

Mariana asked: “and what about the man who crashed against dad? Is he going to pay for dad´s injuries, mom?”.

Her mother answered: “Look, honey, there he comes, lets ask him… Sir! Good evening…”

Roberto approached Mariana and her mother, saying: “Good evening ma´am, I’m so sorry for what happened, I promise you I’ll take care of everything, I will pay for the hospital expenses and I’ll replace your car. I only ask you to tell your husband to withdraw the charges against me with the police so I can continue working and pay you everything. Also, my daughter Sofia told me she is classmates and great friends with your daughter Mariana… I assure you, I will pay you…”

Mariana’s mother answered: “Let me talk to my husband, I don’t think there will be problem, I hope it won´t. Also, as you say, our daughters are great friends”.

Mariana´s mother talked to her husband, and they agreed to drop the charges against Roberto with the appropriate authorities. Days and weeks passed by and they did not receive any news, and every time they try communicating with Roberto, they didn’t get an answer. The hospital bill increased every day, and Mariana’s mother didn’t know what to do to get money for medicine and school expenses for her daughter…

One day, Mariana´s mother decided to wait for Roberto at the gate of his daughters’ school…

When she saw him, she approached him, and said: “Good afternoon, Mr. Roberto, it’s good to see you, we have been looking for you for the last three weeks and we don’t get any answer not even by phone. I only wanted to know when you are going to pay for the accident damages since we really need the money…”.

Mariana interrupted, saying: “Yes sir, my family really needs the money, you have to pay…”.

  • “Live in a responsible and just way”.


To recognize the importance of respect and responsibility to live in harmony

1.- Do you think values let us live better? To live in peace and harmony is necessary that we understand that men and women are equal and that they deserve the same respect. We must act all the time with responsibility and learn to face the consequences about our acts.

2.- Look at the images closely, which of them do you think indicates a good agreement. Click, press, hold, and drag to the place they correspond.

3.- With the help of a classmate, investigate the definition of the next values: Respect, Responsibility, Justice and Freedom. Draw a picture representing each value.

Reinforcing Values

1.-Click, drag and drop the next values where they correspond: Respect, Responsibility, Justice and Freedom.

  • Competencies:

    Respect and appreciation for diversity.

  • Values:

    Tolerance, Responsibility.

  • Learning outcome:

    Recognizing discriminating situations, inequity and intolerance to people and proposing alternative solutions.

Scenario 3

Grandmother Carmen


Grandmother Carmen just turned 90 years old, she has a really big family, with 9 sons, 40 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 8 great-great grandchildren. Grandma Carmen lived alone in a small rural community, until she fell down, and broke her hip.

Now, she lives in Maria’s house, her only daughter, and her two grandchildren: Juan and Luisa. However, the grandmother is alone for the most part of the day since Maria has to work very early every day, and comes back until five in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Juan and Luisa don’t spend time with her either, because either they are at the university or they go to the gym or do other activities in order to avoid her, because grandma requires a lot of attention, mainly to be heard. She loves to tell stories about her youth times.

Maria has complained constantly with her brothers saying she doesn’t have the absolute responsibility of taking care of Grandma Carmen. However, they have always said that she has the responsibility of taking care of her, since she is the only daughter.

Grandma, aware of the situation lately seems sad, and doesn’t want to eat.


To solve a Memory Game about this topic and do a reflection about elderly people

1.- The steps of human development are: childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood and old age. Which are the changes the elderly experience people? Talk about them with your parents and teachers.

2.- Click and match the images until you finish the Activity, talk to your classmates about the concept of the following values: Tolerance and Responsibility.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop the next values where they correspond: Tolerance and Responsibility.

  • Competencies:

    Sense of belonging to acommunity, a nation and humanity.

  • Values:

    Respect and care of the environment, Responsibility and Social Participation.

  • Achievements:

    Identifying factors that contribute in the development of interdependent relationships among people and social groups.

Scenario 4

El Cielo


Mr. Jose, Karla’s father, works as a tour guide at the ecological reserve called “El Cielo”, one of the principal ecological reserves of the world, located in the municipality of Gomez Farias, Tamaulipas. Her mother, Mrs. Antonia, makes food to sale to tourists and sometimes also hosts them in her house, for a cheaper cost.

One day, during dinner, Mr. Jose tells Mrs. Antonia that at work, he heard a foreign company wanted to build a holiday resort — hotels, restaurants and themes parks—. But, in order to do that, they would have to destroy part of the reserve.

Days passed by and the town people found out about the Project. They organized a few meetings and decided to talk to the Major and tell him they were in disagreement.

Due to the constant protests, the project representatives talked to the people and said they would guarantee them jobs if they didn’t oppose to the construction.

Some accepted the offer, but most did not. Karla´s parents don’t know what to do.

  • “Respect the environment, it is part of our life”.

If they decide to support the construction, Mr. Jose would have a better job with more income and would be able to support his family even more. Or, stay with his eventual income as a tour guide and join the protest team against the construction of the resort, to defend the respect and protection of the flora and fauna of El Cielo


To promote some actions in favor of the environment

1.- It is so important to care for our environment, valuing and respecting the nature. Don’t forget that if all of us make a contribution, with our actions, we can help to preserve our planet.

2.- Look carefully; match the concept to its corresponding value. Click, drag and drop to the correct blank box.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the right place that corresponds to the next values: Respect, Care of the Environment, Responsibility and Social Participation.

  • Competencies:

    Management and problem solution.

  • Values:

    Solidarity, Social Participation, Justice.

  • Achievements:

    To cooperate and participate in activities demanding the initiation of a consensus and teamwork.

Scenario 5

Uncle Salomon’s family


A Thursday afternoon, while Maria’s family finished dinner at home, Uncle Salomon arrived.

“Hello, good afternoon!” Uncle Salomon said, greeting everybody.

“Uncle!” shouts Maria, on her way to greet him—. “Didn’t you bring Lupita?”.

“No, Maria, she stayed at home with your aunt and Felipe”, answered Uncle Salomon. “Antonio, brother, I came to talk to you”.

“Sure, Salomon!” answered Antonio, Maria’s father.”Come with me, to the living room”.

Uncle Salomon looks worried and sad. Mr. Antonio brought him a cup of coffee.

“What’s the matter, brother, what do you want to talk about?” asked Mr. Antonio. “Is there any problem?”.

“I’m having a rough patch, Antonio, I don’t have a job any more, my savings are running out, and the kids need many things for school, I have to pay rent…” sadly said Uncle Salomon.

Maria listened carefully in the kitchen.

“I don’t know what to do, I’ve been looking for a job, but I can’t find one. I’m desperate”.

“Keep calm, brother, we will see how to solve this, you and your family are not alone, we are here for you” said Mr. Antonio. “If you want, you can move into our house, we´ll make someroom for you while you find something…”.

“Thank you so much, Antonio!” answered Uncle Salomon. “Thanks for your support, I´ll speak to my family about this and I will tell you what we have decided”.

Both continued talking for a while. At sunset, Uncle Salomon left to his house to talk to his family about the proposal of Mr. Antonio. At Maria’s house, her father explained them the situation of Uncle Salomon.

“Look, children, your Uncle Salomon is going through a hard time” explained Mr. Antonio. “So I told him he could stay in our house for a while, until he finds a job and everything gets better”.

“Awesome, my cousins are going to live here! said Maria excited. “We can play all day!”.

“Yes, Maria, you will go to school together and then play all afternoon,”answered Antonio.

“I already talked to your mother and she says that you, Pedro, will share your room with Felipe, and Maria, you will share rooms with Lupita. So your uncle and aunt can stay in the guest’s room”.

  • “Let’s support the family, we are part of them!”


To identify some actions where the value of solidarity is practiced

1.- In the community and family there are many people who need our support. Practicing the love and solidarity values is a great help.

2.- Look carefully at the images. Write on the blank some actions that would help to solve the problems, and the value practiced in the correct actions.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the right place the next values: Solidarity, Social Participation and Justice

  • Competencies:

    Social and Political Participation.

  • Values:

    Social Participation, Solidarity and Responsibility.

  • Learning outcome:

    To cooperate and participate in activities demanding consensus and team work.

Scenario 6

Everybody united against mosquitoes


It was Saturday morning…Carlos and Fernando were playing on the sidewalk, in front of their house. The news in the radio came on and the announcer forecasted the weather for next twenty-four hours. He announced heavy rain through out the whole city. The kids were playing in puddles last nights rain left, carefully sailing little paper boats on the surface. Clouds of mosquitoes were also on the same surface; some of them were flying near Carlos and Fernando.

Carlos shouted: “I just got stung by the mosquitoes, look at the mosquito bites in my arm!”.

Fernando said: “You don’tstand anything Carlos, theresure will be more mosquitoes if it continues raining”.

Carlos asked: "And what will we do?".

Fernando said: “Well, we have to hold on like men”.

In that moment, Lucia and Ana arrived… Lucia said: “There are also a lot of mosquitoes in the park, we are all bit by them. There has been a lot of stagnant water,

in the fountain for many days, we need to do something for about it…don´t you think?”.

“Let’s make a squad to finish them!” said Ana.

“How boring! And why us?” said Fernando.

“Fernando is right” said Carlos, “let’s continue playing with our little paper boats”.

Lucia said: “You, as always, never help!”.

Fernando said: “Well, if you really want to do something, go do it yourself! But let us to play alone…”

“You are so rude, I hope the mosquitoes eat you!” answered Ana.

“Now it turns out that you want to save the world from the mosquitoes, ha, ha, ha, don’t make me laugh… everybody will call you the “mosquito terminator” ha, ha, ha”, Carlos laughed.

“And you, the mosquitoes' bodyguards”… answered Lucía.

In that, Mariana and Toño arrived…

"What's the matter, why are you fighting?" asked Toño.

“We can hear your discussion from a block away” said Mariana.

Lucia answered: “They are so rude, Ana and I want to organize a squad to terminate mosquitoes, there are more and more each day, and Carlos and Fernando don’t want to participate... I thought on using the pesticide and poison for ants from my garage. The tag says it kills any insect in seconds. Besides, we can take advantage that my mother is not home, so we won´t get in trouble”.

"It´s sounds like a good idea, if you want, I can help you." said Mariana.

“Not me” said Toño, “I prefer to play with Carlos and Fernando…”

“¡Well said, Toño!” shouted Fernando. “Although, we could makeanother squad to terminate mosquitoes, but, instead of using insecticide, we can use some tools for cover the puddles and ask for some lime o something to throw on the puddles. We can ask my dad to see what he suggests”.

“If so, I’m joining your team...” answered Carlos. “Let’s go!”

“You are such a copycat, but we willbeat you... come on, girls”

Lucia said.

  • “Work with our community and together we will achieve more”.


To promote actions in favor of health

1.- Health is the most valuable treasure that humans have. Fighting diseases is so easy: eat healthy, sleep well,exercise.

2.- Draw a picture about some healthy actions you practice with your family, in school, or in your community.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop the next values where they correspond: Social Participation, Solidarity, and Responsibility.

  • Competencies:

    Inclination to legality and sense of justice.

  • Values:

    Justice, Equity.

  • Learning outcome:

    To express through dialogues, points of view about daily life situations that involve conflicts of values.

Scenario 7

Different Behaviors


Linda is a short, quiet and smart girl and studies the 5th grade of elementary school. She is a responsible student, got the best grades in her group. When she arrives home from school, she takes off her uniform, eats lunch with her family and then, does her homework. If she has time, she goes outside to play with her friends that live near and always returns home at curfew. Linda´s favorite hobby is drawing. Julio, her best friend, always says her drawings are amazing, but her parents don’t pay too much attention to her drawings.

Alejandra is Linda’s big sister, she studies in second grade of high school,and she is a happy and popular teenager at school.

Unlike Linda, Alejandra is a student that doesn’t do homework and doesn’t like to study, but her parents don’t demand her good grades in school since she is a high performance athlete and belongs to the national athletics team, and has won some medals.

When she comes home from school, eats lunch according to her diet recommended by her coach and goes to practice all afternoons to the sports unit. Her parents go and cheer for her in all her competitions, while Linda stays at her grandparent’s house doing homework and drawing.

Linda and Alejandra share the bedroom. Alejandra is disorderly with her things, and although they once agreed both would clean the room Alejandra rarely does it and Linda ends up doing it. She has complained about this situation to her parents, but every time they end up defending Alejandra, saying she has to be concentrated for her trainings.

One time, Linda got a scholarship and told her parents that with the money she gets she would buy a computer to do her homework. Alejandra listened the conversation, and taking advantage that Linda was outside playing, took her money and spent it all in clothes for a party.

When Linda realized this, went and told her parents. Alejandra at first, denied, but then, accepted she took the money because she needed to pay for some things for her training.

However, her mother realized she was lying, and decided to punish her by forbidding her to go to the next athletics competition. Her father defended her arguing the competition was too important and Alejandra had to go. Her mother insisted she had to be punished.

  • “The equal treatment to others has to be present always in our acts”.


To identify values through a word search game.

1.- When we accept, we respect and value the people´s rights, we are talking about the value of justice.

2.- Solve the word search game, identifying some of the values you learned. Click on first and last letter of the indicated value, that way the found value will be registered.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop the values in the corresponding place: Justice and Equity.

  • Competencies:

    Comprehension and appreciation for Democracy.

  • Values:

    Democratic participation, Tolerance and Freedom.

  • Learning outcome:

    To recognize in democratic mechanisms how the dialogue, vote, consensus and dissent, is a way to favor agreements decisions.

Scenario 8

What do we do with the government support?


The people of a rural community called Los Nogales are very happy because the mayor just announced the Government would give them an economic support for the needs of this community. For this to happen, they have to decide which need want to meet with this economic support and make a document to present the Government.

Mr. Felipe, the community representative, called a meeting to treat the situation.

“Well, now we just have to send the document to the governor. What will we do with the money they give us?” asked Mr. Felipe

“I think that we must invest it to fix the roads, as you can see when it rains we can’t get on the highways because the crossings get full of water and we can’t drive through” said Mr. Julian

“Well, I think we should buy some fattened pigs, raise them and sale them to have more income” said Mr. Pedro.

“No, no, no, I think we must invest it in a machine to bring water out of the well and send it to our houses,

  • “Let´s practice the dialogue and make collective decisions through consensus”.

so we won’t have to carry it, just like our neighbors from El Fresno did” interrupted Mr. Francisco.

“The best thing we could do is invest in materials and fix our houses”, said Mr. Fernando.

The hours passed by, the discussion became more intense and people didn’t seem to agree.


Identifying values and anti-values

1.- Dialogue favors harmonious coexistence among people and society. It is so important to practice it because we listen carefully to others and say our ideas in a cordial and respectful environment. Democracy leads us to an agreement of most of the people in a group in interesting subjects for everyone.

2.- Read each value and anti-value written into the blank balloons carefully. Identify the anti-values with the help of arrows and click on them.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop find the right place that corresponds to the following values: Democratic Participation, Tolerance and Freedom.

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