• Competency:

    Knowledge and care of oneself.

  • Values:

    Self-respect, Responsibility for health care.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Talks about the health benefits of practicing recreational and sport activities with family and friends.

    Proposes and participates in creative group activities that contribute to health care and personal integrity.


An afternoon at Lupita’s house…


Friday after school, Lupita invited Carolina and Adela to spend time at her house.

“Mom, I’m here!” shouted Lupita.

“Mmm… Ma’am, it smells delicious!’’, said Adela

“Mrs., what did you cook?” asked Carolina.

“I prepared some delicious chicken taquitos, a salad, Hibiscus flower iced tea and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert”, said Lupita’s mom excited.

Later on, she set the table and served the meal to the girls, who were very entertained talking about the school’s new basketball team.

“Hey Lupita, you’ve always played very well” said Carolina. “I think you should ask the P.E. Teacher to in-clude you in the team”.

“No, the truth is that I don’t play well”, explained Lupita, “I only play during recess, but I don’t think I could be on the team”.

“I want to join the team”, said Carolina, “I like to play a lot so I asked my parents for permission. What about you, Adela? Would you like to join?”.

“No, I’m too lazy!”, replied Adela. “It’s cool, but I don’t feel like going to school in the afternoons for training”.

“Come on, Adela, Let’s go!” insisted Carolina, “we can go to the team practice together”.

“I said no”, answered Adela, “I don’t like those things”.

“But you live in front of the sports place where we are going to train!” said Carolina , “I mean, look at me, I live far from here and I’ll have to take a bus to get there!”.

“OK”, admitted Adela, “but it’s too sunny in the afternoon… besides, you’ll train at the same time that my favorite show is on TV and I never miss it for anything in the world”.

Once they ate, the girls went to the living room and Lupita’s mom offered them a big piece of cake.

“Thanks, mom!” said Lupita.

“Thank you, I love chocolate cake”, commented Adela.

“You’re welcome girls!” answered Lupita’s mom.

“This piece of cake is huge!” said Carolina. “I’ll eat a little”

“But, It’s delicious!” said Lupita, “I’m sure you’ll finish it all once you try it”.

“Yes, honestly, it is delicious!” said Adela, eating the dessert in a hurry “If you don’t want it, I can eat it!”.

“It is delicious… but I don’t want to eat a lot” explained Carolina “And you should not do it if you don’t want to get fat”.

“If you don’t want it, give it to me” said Adela.

“Yes, sure” answered Carolina.

“Hey, Adela” said Lupita “Would you join in, with us,the basketball team?”.


1.- Have you ever been part of a sport team? Would you like to do it?

2.- Write down the physical or sports activities you have practiced.

3.- Look at meals below and put them in the group where they correspond. Click, drag and drop.

Reinforcing values.

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Self- Respect and Responsibility in the care of health.

  • Competency:

    Self-regulation and responsible use of freedom.

    To understand that there are criteria, rules and external agreements that rule the behavior in different areas in which he/she participates.

  • Values:

    Respect for others, responsibility in the use of others’ belongings. Dialogue for establishing agreements and avoiding violence.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Discusses and explains the possible consequences of losing control of feelings and emotions.


My sister Gabriela’s school supplies


Ana is nine years old and she is the oldest child in her family. She has two siblings, Gabriela is seven and Javier is five years old.

Ana is in fourth grade, Gabriela has entered first grade at the same school and Javier goes to kindergarten. Every morning after breakfast, their dad takes Ana and Gabriela to school on his way to work. Later, their mom takes Javier to kindergartner.

Both sisters stay together during recess, and when school ends they wait for their mother and brother. On their way back home, Javier and Gabriela play and Ana takes care of them.

One day, when they got home, Javier took Gabriela’s school supplies to play. As in previous days, the little brother took colors, sharpeners, eraser and markers from Gabriela’s backpack without ask-ing for permission.

When Gabriela realized the situation, she started yelling at him…

“Don’t touch my things! Mom, Javier took my stuff again!” Gabriela screamed. “Look, you broke my favorite crayons! Ash!”

and, at that moment, she spanked Javier with her sandal.

“Ouch!” Javier screamed as he started to cry.

“Where did you put my Spanish book? Brat. Mom, my brother hid my books again!” exclaimed Gabriela.

When Ana saw the situation, she didn’t know what to do so she called their mom.

“Mom, come and see Gabriela y Javier!”.

“What happened? Why is Javier Crying? What did you do Gabriela?”.

Their mother asked.

Just in that moment, dad arrived…

  • “People understand each other through means of dialogue”.


1.- Have you ever taken something that is not yours? Do you think it is correct to take something without permission? What would the consequences be?

Do you believe that it is a good idea to make decisions at a moment of anger or sadness?

2.- Write what you have learned in this lesson.

Situations that make you feel angry

Possible consequences


Write your opinion about making decisions at the right moment

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Respect for others, Responsibility in the use of other’s belongings. Promoting the dialogue for establishing agreements and avoiding violence.

  • Competency:

    Respect and appreciation of diversity.

  • Values:

    Respect to human dignity, equality and equity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Identifies situations of inequity and gender discrimination.

    Exposes reasons why boys and girls should receive an equal treatment and the ad-vantages of teamwork among boys and girls.


Changing team


It’s been three days since Martin Mariano entered a school at a border city in Tamaulipas. He just arrived from Veracruz with his family.

When class started on the forth day, the teacher said:

“Kids, today you are going to work in pairs to solve the math problem that we didn’t finish yes-terday”.

“Kimberly and Martín, you are going to work together… turn your chairs.”

The teacher told them.

The teacher continued making teams between her students She continued making teams among her students, Noticing that the teacher was away in the corner, Kimberly told Martin…

“Don’t even think about it, I won’t work with you! You look like an indian, you dress and speak weird! I’m not friends with people like you! Besides”, continued Kimberly, “maybe you don’t even know how to add! All boys are dumb”.

“But Kimberly, the teacher said that we both have to solve the math problems together”, explained Martin.

“Well, I don’t want to work with you! If you want you can work by yourself”, answered Kimberly. “I am going to ask the teacher to change partners and to pair me up with Samantha. She is my friend, she is so clever and we always work together”.

Martin remained silent…

“Teacher…” began Kimberly

  • “I respect my partners and their way of thinking, even if they are different than me”.


1.- Gender equality means that both men and women, girls and boys have the same abilities, rights and opportunities. Therefore we should receive the same treatment in our family, school and the community.

2.- Look at the images, check ✔ in the square if you agree that girls and boys can do the action or cross out X if you disagree.

3.- Teamwork offers many advantages like: sharing opinions between partners, learning to follow instructions, giving solutions to a problem, listening to your partners and the most important learning to be more tolerant.

4.- Write in the spaces three advantages and three disadvantages of teamwork in which boys and girls can participate.



Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Respect to human dignity and gender equality.

  • Competency:

    Sense of belonging to the community, nation and humanity.

  • Values:

    To respect for the environment, Social Responsibility.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Proposes some actions that contribute to keep a balance in the nature and social environment, as well as actions to avoid resource deterioration.


Separating garbage


Magaly and Jorge went on vacations to the Distrito Federal with their aunt Carmen. On a Saturday morning, Jorge was the first one to wake up due to the excitement of visiting the new amusement park.

Their aunt Carmen woke up early too in order to prepare everything for the trip.

While Jorge was drinking a glass of milk, he observed that his aunt was separating the garbage. She would throw the paper and cardboard waste in a bag, the plastic and glass waste in an-other, and the leftover food - the organic waste - would go in a third bag.

Jorge asked: “Aunt Carmen, Why are you separating the garbage? You’ll take longer than if you put it all together… and we are going to be late to the amusement park!”.

“Look, Jorge” answered Aunt Carmen, “this is a project that started here in Ciudad de Mexico to reduce the pollution in the city. For this reason, we are asked to separate our garbage at home so the recycling process can be faster”.

“Mmm, where I live we don’t do that… Well, I’m going to play with Dinky while you finish your duties. He likes it when I throw the ball and he brings it back…”

The days passed and vacations were finally over. Magaly and Jorge went back to their city in the North part of the country.

On a Sunday morning, Magaly and Jorge were having breakfast while their father was picking up all the garbage and putting it in a basket.

Jorge told him: “Dad, Aunt Carmen separates the garbage by plastic, paper, glass and organic waste... Why do they do that over there and here we don’t?”.

“I don’t know, son”, answered his father, “thank God we don’t have to do that here, other wise it would be too tiring separating everything. I wouldn’t do it, that’s what garbage collectors and scavengers are for… It’s their job!”.

  • “Let’s participate taking care of the environment separating solid waste”.


1.- Do not forget, our planet is our home, that’s why we should take care of it and also respect it by recycling and separating organic and inorganic garbage in our school and community.

2.- Do you organize garbage in your house? Do you believe that is a good action to do? Would you like to participate in a recycling campaign in your school? Classify in the bottles the presented material.

3.- With your parent’s help, answer the following questions:
• What is recycling? Why is it good?
• What is the importance of material recycling?
• What would happen to our planet if we do not care for it?

4.- Click and drag to the corresponding trashcan.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the corresponding place the following values: Respect for the environment and social responsibility.

  • Competencies:

    Management and solution of problems.

  • Values:

    Tolerance to diversity of ideas, dialogue, peace.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Proposes solutions to daily conflicts,caused by different point of view between people.




Miss Ramona asked her students to get in teams in order to make a scale model of an im-portant place in the city. Rebeca, Jesus and Felipe decided to work together.

In the afternoon, they met at Rebeca and Jesus’ house to begin creating the model.

“I think we should make a model about the zoo” said Jesus, “it is my favorite place in this city”.

“Yes!” exclaimed Felipe, “I think it is a good idea!”.

“I don’t think so”, said Rebeca, “I think we should make a model about another place”.

“What place, Rebeca?” Felipe asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to make a model of the zoo”.

“Come on, Rebeca!” said Jesús, “Let’s make it about the zoo, it’s two against one!”.

“But we should agree, and if I don’t like it, we can’t do it” insisted Rebeca.

“But you don’t have a better idea”, said Felipe, whispering.

“That is true, Rebeca” said Jesus “you just want to be against us”.

“Of course not!” yelled Rebeca the thing is that you always want to do everything your own way, Jesus!”.

“That’s not true! We always do whatever you want!” answered Jesus, pushing his sister.

“Relax! Take it easy!” said Felipe.

“Be quiet! Felipe!” Shouted Rebeca while pushing Jesús back.

“¡Rebeca, Jesús!” a voice was heard, “Stop!”.

“But mom, he pushed me!” said Rebeca.

“She always wants to do everything her own way”, said Jesus.

“You should be embarrassed. Felipe is watching you!” continued their mom, “I don’t know why you cannot work together”.


1.- Dialogue allows us a pacific communication of our ideas. To listen with attention, propose solutions, and be nice to others allows us to work better.

3.- Do you know how to play memory game? Look at the images and match them with their pair.

  • “Let’s talk and avoid conflicts”.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Tolerance to the diversity of ideas, dialogue and peace.

  • Competency:

    Social and political participation.

  • Values:

    Citizen participation, respect to others, solidarity.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Uses dialogue as a mean to manage conflict and facilitate its solution.

    Realizes that social conflicts can be originated when people’s basic needs are not ful-filled.


The new uniform


Tomas is a humble boy who is always distracted and usually goes to school looking messy. At lunchtime, he is always bothering his girl classmates by taking away their lunch.

One day, when his classmates Delia and Isabel sat to have lunch, Tomas appeared and told Isabel:

“¡Give it to me!” referring to the sandwich and snatching it out of her hand. “Mmmm… it’s delicious!”.

Isabel answered very annoyed:

“Tomás! That sandwich is mine! Give it back to me! You’re a beggar, you shouldn’t come to school… look at the uniform you are wearing, you look like homeless boy”.

“It’s true!” said Delia, while laughing.

Tomas replied:

“It’s because in my house we have a lot of siblings. My mom doesn’t have enough money to feed us more than once a day since my dad went to the states, and he hasn’t returned yet. And this was my brother’s uniform last year.

“That’s why it looks old”, answered Tomas, denoting sadness in his voice.

“Oh!”, said Delia, surprised, “I didn’t understand why you always took our lunch nor did I know about your family situation. I am going to ask my mom to pack some extra tacos for you from now on. Just wait and see! I am also going to help you organize a collect between our class-mates in order to get you a new uniform”.

“And… you can bring him some of that delicious juice and help me with the collect”, Delia told Isabel.

“But, that’s not my problem”, answered Isabel, “It’s none of my business! It’s not my fault that they are poor and his dad left”.


1.- When people get together to help those in need, they are practicing solidarity.

Click on your favorite color and draw actions that you would do in case of hurricane, flooding or if any family needed your help.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Citizen participation, respect for others and solidarity.

  • Competency:

    Adherence to legality and sense of justice.

  • Values:

    Respect to others, responsibility, Justice.

  • Learning outcomes:

    Reflects about the consequences of criminal acts and the enforcement of justice.


No recess


On Tuesday at lunch, Ricardo and Rebeca told to their mom that the teacher punished the whole group with no recess.

“But why?” their mom asked.

“It was because Laura’s money and Carlos’ calculator were stolen today, and we…”, replied Rebeca.

“That’s true”, interrupted Ricardo, “and nobody knows who did it, right Rebeca?” gesturing with his eyes…

Next day, Ricardo and Rebeca arrived at the classroom and realized that Carlos was stealing some objects..

During the next days, the children continued complaining about school supplies and money being stolen.

The teacher spoke again to the class and told them that if they didn't reveal the thief, she would take drastic measures...

At that moment, Rebeca told Ricardo: “I am going to tell the teacher, I don’t want to miss recess again...”

Ricardo answered: “forget it, remember how Manuel was beaten!”


1.- Look at the images, Reflect and identify which actions you consider contribute to being a better person.

2.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place.

  • “Let’s practice freedom with responsibility”.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Respect to others, Responsibility and Justice.

  • Competency:

    Comprehension and appreciation to democracy.

  • Values:

    Democracy participation, Responsibility, Justice.

  • Learning outcomes:

    To identify the benefits of a democratic coexistence basedon rules and regulations agreed and assumed by society.

    Recognizes the importance of making democratic decisions about matters of common interest in all aspects of life.


The vacation trip


It was during spring vacations that the Valladares family was deciding where to go.

“Let’s go to south Padre Island, dad Luis suggested to Mr. Roberto.

“Yes” said his cousin Santiago, “so we can collect shells…”.

“It would be better to visit Grandma Cuca in Mexico, and stop by to visit the Sun and Moon pyramids”, suggested Mariana, Luis’ oldest sister.

“Yeah, we haven’t visited our grandma Cuca in a long time”, said Sofia, one of the cousins.

“What’s your opinion, brother?” Roberto asked his brother Alfonso.

“Well, how about we vote?” Mr. Alfonso answered.

“All right”, said Mr. Roberto. “Let’s vote family, who wants to go to the States?… 1, 2… and now…who wants to go to Ciu-dad de Mexico?… 1, 2… 9...”

After counting the votes from the members of both Valladares families, they decided to visit grandma based on the majority of the votes, so they could go to the pyramids, visit Xochimilco, and enjoy some days at the Chapultepec amusement Park…

The day for departing came. They prepared to leave early and Mr. Alfonso said: “I’m driving!”.

“No! You told me your drivers’ license is expired and you didn’t get a new one!”.

His brother said.

“But it is my truck and I’m the only one who drives it answered Mr. Alfonso.

Mr. Roberto didn’t insist and no one else could change his mind, so they started the trip with Mr. Alfonso as the driver. He would drive fast and carelessly.

Suddenly,a siren patrol sounded as everyone heard: “Please, pull over”.

“Good morning, Sir, where are you heading to?” The police asked. “May I see your driver license, please?”.

“Good morning officer, we are going on a family trip to Mexico, here is the license...”

“Sir, you were driving over the speed limits. Besides, you are not wearing your seat belt and your driver license has expired. Those are both felonies… I have to give you a ticket and keep your car”, said the officer.

“Don’t do it, officer, don’t you see I am with my family, we are on vacation… help me, let us go, and I will give you something”.

“Get out of the car, please” answered the police officer.

“Oh, no! See, dad! Because of you we won’t have a trip” said Luis and Mariana.

“Wait, I can handle this” said Mr. Alfonso. He got out of the car.

“He messed up” said Mr.Roberto “All because of my brother’s foolishness”.

“I wonder how much the fine will cost, I think we won’t be going to the amusement park…”

Meanwhile, Mr. Alfonso kept talking to the police officer...

  • “Let’s make agreements and take decisions in a democratic way, respecting the rules and regulations that rule our coexistence”.


1.- Rules and law allow society to function orderly. It is important to follow them.

2.- Write the rules you know in the correct column.

House Rules

School Rules

Library Rules

Vehicle rules

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Democratic participation, Responsibility and Justice.


Book of values

VALUE EDUCATION | Fourth Grade Elementary 25