• Competencies:

    Knowledge and care of oneself.

    Responsibility in health care. Respect for personal integrity.

  • Values

    Responsibility in health care. Respect for personal integrity.

  • Learning outcome:

    To apply measures that preven this/her health and personal integrity.

Scenario 1 .

Watch your health.


One Monday morning, Catherine and Rigoberto went very early to the park with their parents to exercise, as usual. Then the two children took a bath and they wore their school uniform that their mother had washed and ironed the night before. Mr. Victor, their dad had polished their shoes.

Mrs. Paula came earlier than usual that day, because she had to go to the health center to make an appointment to bring her children for vaccination, but left them breakfast prepared at the table. Rigoberto, getting a head start as always on Catherine, entered the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and pulled out an orange soda, and a bag of chips from the pantry, went to the room and started eating.

“Rigoberto don’t eat that” said Catharine. “You'll hurt your stomach if you eat those snacks, you will lose your teeth”.

“That's not true, you don’t know anything about it, do you Catalina?” Rigoberto said.

  • “Eating nutritious food helps me grow healthily”.

“Stop eating chips”, Catherine said, “and come with me to eat the breakfast my mom fixed for us”

Just at the moment the brothers argued, the doorbell rang. It was Adela.

“Hello, Adela, come in” Catharine said “Did you already have breakfast?”

“Not yet. My Aunt Paula told me to come early to have breakfast with you” Adela said.

“Amazing!” Rigoberto said from the living room. “Come, look, I still have plenty of chips. They are delicious! Do you want some?”

“No, Adela, look,you better come to the kitchen to with me, mom made scrambled eggs with ham and fresh orange juice. Come on, Rigoberto”, Catharine said, “Stop offering chips to Adela and come to eat with us.”

Adela was hungry, but she was not sure about what to eat: if the breakfast prepared by her aunt, or the snacks that Rigoberto offered.

At that time Victor arrived to where the children were. He was looking for a knife in the kitchen but he could not find it anywhere.

“I haven’t seen the knife, Dad” Catherine said. “Do you want some help?”

“No, thank you… It’s better for you to go ahead and eat your breakfast” ... Victor said, as he continued looking for the knife.

Rigoberto whispered… “Hum....dad, I took it to play with it a while ago”

“What!” Mr.Victor said… “Why did do you take the knife?”

“Yes, but only for a little while” Rigoberto said in his favor, meanwhile Catalina and Adela watched in Silence.

“Where did you put it, Rigoberto?” Mr. Victor asked.

“I left it in the living room, over the table” replied the kid.

“Well, I will get it to cut some oranges. You hurry up eating your breakfast because it is almost time to go to the school” Victor said in a rush.

Rigoberto, looking everywhere, took a handful of chips and put it in one of his pockets.

Adela was thinking about what to have for breakfast…


Classify healthy food and Junk Food

1.- Being healthy mainly depends on what we eat. It is very important to know which foods are healthy and which ones can be harmful to our body.

2.- Click on the food and put each one in the place they correspond.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop the value on the place they correspond: Responsibility in the care of health.

  • Competencies:

    Self-regulation and responsible exercise of freedom

  • Values:

    Responsibility and respect.

  • Learning outcome:

    Identify activities and situations where she/he can take her/his own decisions.

    Describes responsibilities that he/she acquired at home and in school, and how they changewhen growing up.

Scenario 2

I decide with responsibility


On Monday, Amanda invited Luisa to her house to do homework and eat with her family. When they arrived, Minerva was about to finish setting the table.

“Mom!” Sandro said “We are home!”.

“Hi Mom!” Amanda said “I invited Luisa to eat and play, but also to do our homework together”.

“It is nice to have you here kids!” Minerva said, “I am glad you brought Luisa with you”.

“Good afternoon ma’am, how are you?” Luisa greeted.

“I am okay, Luisa!, but please sit down and eat”.

“Yes, we are hungry! there is no time to take off the school uniform”, Sandro said running to sit at the table.

“Sandro!”, said Amanda, “Wait, remember we first must take off the school uniform”.

“Oh! It’s better if we eat first and then take off the school uniform” Sandro said.

“Come on Kids!”, Mrs. Minerva exclaimed.

“Besides, Momma”, Sandro added, “my shoes and Amanda’s shoes are so dirty because of puddles and mud off the street. I think you must have to start cleaning it for tomorrow and also wash our school uniforms”.

“In my house”, Luisa remarked, “Carlos and I help my mom wash our school uniforms and clean our shoes”.

“Not here, Luisa”, Sandro said, “Here, my Mom does all of those things”.

Mrs. Minerva served the hot and delicious meal and they all sat down together to enjoy it. As they did it, Amanda and Sandra told their mom about their day in school.

“I have news, mom!”, Amanda said. “At school there are sports teams and they invited us to join them. Luisa got in the volleyball team”.

“That is nice, my child!” mom Said. “And what about you, would you like to join one team?”

“Yes, mom, I want to be part of the volleyball team, along with Luisa”, Amanda said.

“Mom, I want to play soccer, may I go?”, Sandro asked.

“Of course you can, son! Both of you can join the team you decide. If you like that sport, go for it!”, Mrs. Minerva answered.

“Besides, the trainings are in the evenings. They will not interrupt our classes”, Luisa said, supporting her friends.

“Classes are the least important things, Luisa!”, Sandro said, “The most important thing is to have fun playing!”.

Quickly, everyone was finished eating.

“Kids!”, Mrs. Minerva said, “I will go to your aunt Lula’s house. I will be back before nightfall. Please be nice. You are going to be with your older sister”.

“Yes Mom!” Carolina said “How about if we go to play video games and then we do the homework? I am very good at video games, I always defeat Sandro”.

“Good idea!”, Luisa said.

“I will win in the video games, Amanda!”, Sandro added, “Come on!”.

  • “First the duty, then the fun”.

Amanda, Sandro and Luisa played all afternoon and the night was almost falling in.

“It is very late!”, Amanda said, “Time went by very fast, I have to go, now. And we did not do the homework!”.

“It is very late”, said Sandro. “I think it is better to do it tomorrow morning at school, before the teacher arrives”.

“Yes, Luisa!” Amanda added...“Tomorrow we will do it at school”.

“That’s fine”, said Luisa. “See you tomorrow, then. Please say goodbye to your mom too, bye!”


Taking care of public areas.

1.- One of the values we must learn is the value of responsibility. We must put it into practice in our house as well as in the school, and it means we must help in the duties our parents and teachers give us.

2.- Click, drag, and drop the image in the place it corresponds.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop he values in the place where each of them belong, the values are: Responsibility and respect.

  • Competencies:

    Respect and enjoy diversity

  • Values:

    Respect for gender diversity, equality, equity.

  • Learning outcome:

    Describes and respects the similarities and differences between girls and boys.

    Promotes equality and equity.


Pedro's birthday


It was a saturday afternoon when Porfirio, his father, his mother and his sister Fabiola arrived to Pedro’s birthday party, his friend from school. Pedro welcomed them, Porfirio gave a gift to Peter and Peter's mother took them to take a seat at a table decorated with Pedro’s favorite character. The party was full of families and there were many children playing happily around the house.

Soon after, the guests began to eat. The parents had enchiladas with beans and avocado salsa; the children hamburgers with fries and a soda.

After eating, the entertainer that animated the party started a new round of games and asked the children to begin jumping the rope and said, the more times you jump the rope without missing, you win a prize.

Fabiola ran quickly to the line of children who were waiting for their turn to jump the rope and when Porfirio was to get in line, his father said:

“Hey, where are you going?” You’re not going to play these games for girls. Go to the table and just wait until they play another game that is for boys!”.

  • “The girls and the boys live better with equal opportunities”.

The mother saw that Porfirio came to sit, she was upset with Dad, and said they would talk at home. Meanwhile, Fabiola was having fun with the other children and did not understand why Porfirio did not come to play.

The hours went by and the party came to an end, but before they left, Peter's mother asked for help to pick up trash and wash some dishes and pots. At that time, Porfirio’s mom asked Fabiola and Porfirio to help collect the dishes and take them to the kitchen to wash, but his father told Mom:

“Bring Fabiola with you to help! You know I do not like Porfirioto do things for women!”.

Then he told Porfirio: “Go play with your friends”.

Fabiola and her mom picked things up and took the dishes to the kitchen, while Porfirio went to play with Pedro and the other children. When they arrived to the kitchen, Fabiola asked her mom.

“Why didn’t dad want my brother help us wash the dishes?”


Identify activities that either boys or girls can do.

1.- It is important to know that girls and boys have equal rights and opportunities.

2.- Look at the images that are found at the bottom of the box. Click on each of them, and with the help of your family or teacher write in the text box the activities that either boys or girls can do.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place: Respect for diversity of gender, equality and equity.

  • Competencies:

    Sense of belonging to the community, the nation and humanity.

  • Values:

    Respect public spaces and services. Social participation. Responsibility.

  • Learning outcome:

    To identify negative or positive effects on the environment produced by people in the place where they live.

Scenario 4

Playing in the park


Friday afternoon, after school, Mr. Pablo took Manuel to the new park near his home to play for a while. When they arrived, Mr. Pablo met Jorge, his friend, who had also taken his children, Angel and Felipe.

Immediately the men began to chat about, while the kids played.

Manuel went straight to the swings; he held on to a pole at the swings waiting for his turn and watched what his friends did in the park.

Angel and Felipe, on their bikes, crossed the small gardens with newly planted grass.

Julio was playing around a bench and was building a bridge to play with his toy cars.

Miguel and Juan were having fun splashing water with a hose that the gardener had left forgotten.

Julio noticed Manuel was standing and said:

  • “Let’s Take care of parks, and we all can enjoy!”

“Hey, Manuel! Come play with me,I am building a bridge for my fire truck to pass under. Help me build it”.

Angel and Felipe heard Julio and immediately Angel yelled at Manuel.

“Hey, Manuel! Better come with us. Take your bike and let's go for a ride. The wheels on the grass feel like yaw, just as a motorcycle. Come on, come on!”

At that time, Mr. Pablo received a call from his wife, to pick her up at her job, so he asked his friend Jorge to take care of Manuel while he went to pick up his wife.

Mr. Pablo said to Manuel:

“Manuel, I will be back in half an hour. I will go to pick your mother up. Mr. Jorge will take care of you”.

Meanwhile, his friends insisted:

“Manuel, come play” Manuel stood still, watching carefully at Miguel and Juan did not know with whom he will decide to play...


Taking care of public places

1.- Among the favorite places there are to play and practice sports are parks, stadiums, squares, etc. They are called public places and they are for everyone.

2.- Draw a picture of an activity you like to do in a park or square. Click on the colors and start drawing!

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place: Respect to public places and services, social participation and Responsibility.

  • Competencies:

    Management and resolution of conflicts.

  • Values:

    Respect for others, Dialogue, Peace.

  • Learning outcome:

    Identifies conflict situations that come up in their daily life and their possible causes.

    Uses means of dialogue as a useful tool that enables the resolution of conflicts that may come up coexisting all together.


We need to talk


One day at school the teachers had a meeting and meanwhile the children were enjoying free time in the yard. Leonardo played marbles with Esteban and Darius, and then Luis came to where they were.

“Leonardo Lion!, How are you?” Luis yelled and all other children looked at him.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”, everyone was laughing, “he told you “Leonardo Lion”!”.

Leonardo was very angry about his comment, he got up and went over to Luis, throwing him to the ground and kicking him.

“No, no!”, Dario yelled, “Wait! Don’t fight!”.

“Leonardo, wait!” Esteban said, while he was trying to stop the fight.

“Relax Leonardo, take it easy. I didn’t know you would get so angry!”, Luis said.

“You know that I don’t like being told like that” Leonardo said to Luis and the others that were laughing at him.

The principal of the school heard all the noise, and he rushed out to see what was going on.

“Look!” Esteban yelled, scared, “the principal is coming!”

“Run, run!”, the children yelled.

The principal arrived on time, before the children left the place, and asked them:

“What happen? Why were you fighting?”

“Luis was bothering Leonardo”, Dario said.

“Ok all of you come with me to the office, we need to fix this situation”, the principal said.

  • “We respect each other to live in harmony”.


Identify the values that help us

1.- Among brothers, friends and colleagues it is common to have small conflicts occasionally. We may disagree on some things, but in these cases, the dialogue allows the management and peaceful resolution of the disagreements.

2.- Look at the pictures carefully. With the help of your teacher, click and place in the corresponding value.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop each of the following values in the place they belong: Respect for others, dialogue and peace.

  • Competencies:

    Social and political participation.

  • Values:

    Solidarity. Social participation.

  • Learning outcome:

    Listens with respect to the points of view of his or her partners in the classroom.

    Recognizes the benefits of team work.

    Identifies conflict situations that could happen in his orher daily life and their possible causes.

    Uses dialogue as a useful tool that allows the resolution of conflicts that may happen when coexisting with others.

Scenario 6

Donating clothing and food


“Did you see on TV what happened in our state?”, asked Benita to Patricia and Rene while they were waiting to hear the bell to enter to the classroom.

“Yes!” answered Rene. “Are you talking about the Hurricane Alex?”.

“Yes, you are right. My mow said it was terrible” answered Benita.

“Yes. I also saw it in the morning news” Patricia said. “There are so many people who lost their houses”.

“That is so sad, there are a lot of kids like us that have lost their house, clothes and toys....on side of that, there are some schools severely damaged from the storm”.

“That is right, Patricia” said Benita. “Right now there’s also a lot of people without anything to eat and some of them may need medicines, too. And how can we help those people?”.

“Help?” asked Rene “And why do we have to help that people? That is not our problem”.

“I think we must find a way to help those people”, Patricia said.

“I do not think so”, Rene said. “That is not our business. I do not want to do anything for them, it is not my problem”.

At that moment the teacher arrived.

“Hello Kids, How are you? Why are you discussing?”.

“This is the situation”, Patricia answered, Benita and I decided to help people who lost their homes and clothes, and also others who need food and medicines due to Hurricane Alex, however, Rene is saying that it is not our problem, he says it is the problem of those people”.

“Yes, teacher. Why should we help? Besides, my parents wouldn’t give me permission to help strangers”, said Rene.

“Ok, children, let’s talk about it in the classroom”...

  • “We all need each other. Today you support me, and tomorrow I will do it for you”.


Identify solidarity actions

1.- In case of hurricanes, floods or earthquakes people need our help. With team work we do it better when we need to help others.

2.- If you and your friends in the classroom could help someone in a bad situation, what do you think you could bring to them? Identify those items. Click, drag, and drop every image in the place it belongs.

Values Reinforcement

1.- Click, drag and drop every image in the place it belongs. The values are: Solidarity and Community Action.

  • Competencies:

    Respect of legality and sense of justice.

  • Values:

    Respect. Responsibility and Justice.

  • Learning outcome:

    To appreciate the rules and regulations that controls the coexistence in family, school and community.

    To practice the basic procedures to establish agreements: like asking for a chance to talk, and listening respectfully to others.

Scenario 7

School rules


At 8 o’clock in the morning, teacher Rocio was taking attendance to first grade students of group A in the Elementary School.

“Arredondo”, “here”; “Bolaños”, “here”; and she continues until she finishes the students’ roll.

At the beginning of the class, she observed through the window and saw Julio Gomez and his mother arguing with teacher Garza, the school principal.

Teacher Rocio overheard the following conversation:

“Please, Teacher Garza, allow my kid in class!” Julio’s mom was saying.

“I am so sorry, ma'am”, Teacher Garza explained, “but he is a half an hour late, and he is not wearing the school uniform, either. Please, understand me, I can not allow him to enter. The school rules are very clear and it applies for everybody. I will be waiting for your son tomorrow, with his uniform, before 8 o’clock in the morning”.

So then, Julio and his mother turned back home.

Meanwhile, teacher Rocio continued with the math class.

Suddenly Manuel took his favorite video game from his backpack and when he turned it on, he interrupted the teacher’s explanation and all the others kids laughed. Mariana took advantage of the situation and she ate some cookies, and at the same time Luis and Pedro asked permission to go to the restroom, however they just wanted to leave the classroom to see some new toys.

In this situation, teacher Rocio told them:

“Let’s see kids, please keep quiet, return to your seats and pay attention”.

“Once everyone was in silence and when with all the attention on her”, the teacher said:

“Ok, boys and girls, today we are going to talk about the school rules...”

  • “If we know and respect the rules of the house and school, we all could live better”.


School Rules

1.- At home, school and community you must obey the rules and regulations that allow us to coexist in the best way possible.

2.- Color the images of the School and Classroom Rules. Click over the image, choose your favorite color and start doing it!.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop in the place where they belong: Respect, Responsibility and Justice.

  • Competencies:

    Understanding and appreciation for democracy.

  • Values:

    Democratic participation, equality, dialogue, respect.

  • Learning outcome:

    Participates in the construction of a democratic coexistence in areas where they live.

    Gets familiar with democratic process for decision taking.

Scenario 8

Decorating the classroom


It was monday morning and the group of Mariana and Diego wanted to decorate the classroom to make it more cheerful and fun.

After taking attendance, teacher Celia said:

“Children, on Friday I asked you to think about ideas on how to decorate the classroom, do you remember?”.

“Yes, yes!”, Mariana yelled, “I say we should put all of our pictures on the walls” .

“No, not that” protested Diego “It’s better if we search for big superhero figures”.

“I think it would be better to put all the colors of the rainbow on the wall” suggested Laura.

“Stop, children!” said teacher Celia said, “I think it's time to make agreements. Francisco, please write all your classmates’suggestions on the board”.

“And how will we do it?” asked Laura.

Francisco answered “I have an idea, we can choose through the paper-rock-scissors game”.

“No, no, no”, replied Lucía, “I say flipping a coin”.

Mariana said, “I think it's better if the teacher decides which idea is the best.

With the commotion that the activity generated, teacher Celia said: Well, we have to decide what the best option is. So let‘s talk about it...

  • “Everyone has the right and obligation to express his/her opinion”.


Practice the values of participation, dialogue, equality and respect

1.- We have many classmates and when it’s time to make a decision, it is important to consider everyone's opinion. This doing is called democracy. But how can we get to an agreement?.

2.- With the help of your teacher match the value with the concept. Click, drag and drop in the correct place.

Reinforcement of values

1.- Click, drag and drop in the correct place the following values: Participation, Dialogue, Equality and Respect.

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