Scenario 1

Civil Protection Brigade to the Rescue


The local news program on TV announced that heavy rains were coming at sunset. As they were watching this at home, Carime and Katia were listening to the recommendations that the Civil Protection brigade was giving to people who lived in the different neighborhoods near the Grand Canal.

Since the river was overflowing, they recommended people to take shelter in places established in case of flooding.

Katia, feeling a bit scared of what might happen if the canal overflowed, ran home to her mother and asked her to run for their lives by fleeing to the nearest shelter.

  • Competencies:

    Recognizes and understands the importance of human action in the improvement on family life, school and community.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Solidarity, Respect.

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard on the streets. It was the Civil Protection Brigade that were giving orders to evacuate the houses:

“Attention, attention to all people, for your own safety, evacuate your homes and go to the nearest shelters!”

Carime´s grandmother heard the indication, but she refused to go to the shelter. Soon after, the house began to flood and their belonging, like the television, the refrigerator and beds, began to get wet.

Then Carime´s grandmother was very scared and Carime told her to leave the house quickly and go to the shelter. When they arrived, some people welcomed them with towels so they could dry themselves. They spent the night there, together with Katia and her mother.

The next day everything was a mess in the neighborhood. However, the Civil Protection team helped everyone return home safely and fixed the houses that had been ruined.

  • “Let’s respect and care for public services. Some help us to prevent risks and hazards, and care and protect our lives”.


Identify Actions of Civil Protection Brigades

1.- Protection and assistance groups take care and protect our lives, and help improve family life, school and community; that's why you have to respect them.

2.- Click, drag and drop the assistance group image where it belongs.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag, and drop each of the following values where they belong: Responsibility, Solidarity and Respect.

Scenario 2

Best Friends


On Saturday, Nicolas was very happy because it was his birthday. At lunchtime they gave him a surprise: on Sunday morning they would travel to his grandparents´ ranch to camp on the riverside and he could invite all of his friends.

As it was expected, Nicolas was happy and immediately called his friends to invite them to come. Pedro, Marcia, Lupita and Jose gladly accepted, because Nicolas was a great friend.

The next morning they went to the grandparents’ ranch. The road was long, but fun because they sang, shared their lunch and toys and told jokes together, proving to be good friends.

Finally they arrived and set up everything that was needed for camping.

  • Competencies:

    To learn about the importance of friendship and to understand the value of trust, honesty and mutual support.

    To understand that there are different criteria, rules and external conventions to regulate their behavior in different areas in which they participate.

  • Values:

    Friendship, Solidarity, Love, Harmony.

Grandfather recommended the children to swim in the river along with their parents and they immediately went to put their swimsuits on. After playing a while, they went out to eat, but Jose could not find his backpack. He was having so much fun that he had not realized he had lost it.

Jose was very sad and he did not know what to do because his clothes, his pajamas and his toys were in the backpack. Immediately Pedro, Marcia, Lupita and Nicolás cheered him up and hugged him so he would not feel sad, showing their love and support. Jose had also helped them when they had had a problem, so everyone started looking for the backpack, until they found it.

  • “Friendship should be cared by respect, trust and mutual support in good times and bad times”.

What else could the children have done to show their friendship and support to Jose?

How do you show your friendship to others?


Practice the value of friendship

1.- Having a friend is very important in our lives; you can play with them and spend moments of great joy.

2.- Decorate the friendship bracelets with the help of your teacher. Print them; one is for you and one for your best friend.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag, and drop each of the following values where they belong: Friendship, Solidarity, Love and Harmony.

Scenario 3

We all have the same rights


It was a beautiful afternoon. Mario and Rosita were playing outside their house when suddenly they saw that new neighbors had arrived. The children were surprised when they saw that Paco, the new boy, could not walk. He was in a wheelchair and was wearing a pair of glasses. Rosita and Mario approached him and said:

“Hello, we are Mario and Rosita, we're your new neighbors! Would you like to play with us?”

But Paco replied:

“No thanks! People like me have few friends. We cannot play like everyone else and we hardly go to school because we are different from others”.

  • Competencies:

    Understands that people have different needs, points of view, cultures and beliefs and that they must be treated with respect.

    Recognizes that human beings are different, that we are all important and that we have abilities to participate in society.

  • Values:

    Respect, Friendship, Justice, Love, Solidarity.

Rosita asked him:

“Why do you say that Paco? You have the right to go to kindergarten, to have friends and play! You're a valuable person like us! Look at yourself, you're very kind and very friendly!”

Paco answered:

“In the city where I lived, they didn’t accept me in kindergarten because I can’t walk, and teachers said I can’t do all the activities that other children do.”

So Rosita and Mario started to tell to him about the rights people with disabilities have and because the teacher had explained to them that everybody has rights. One of them was that they must be taken care of and valued by others, despite their physical appearance and whether they have money or not.

Rosita Said:

"You, Mario and me, all people have rights and we can talk to enforce them!"

Rosita and Mario had the great idea of invite him to their kindergarten, where there were other kids like him, who had some disability, but who had been treated with affection and respect, just like them.

  • “All people are important, that’s why we have rights. Respect and enforce them”


What do you think they did to start this idea?

How do you think this story ends?


Know your rights

1.- Every girl and boy has the right to have a family, education, health, to be protected, fed, etc.

2.- Look carefully to the images that represent the Children’s and Teens’ Rights. Click and move to the corresponding box.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag and drop each one of the following values where they belong: Respect, Friendship, Justice, Love and Solidarity.

Scenario 4

It’s better if we all help


It was Saturday afternoon, a cool and beautiful day. Fabian and his friends, Rafael and Emiliano, decided to spend the afternoon at Daniela’s house, a kindergarten friend. Fabian had a huge puzzle he had received as a gift and wanted to put it together at his friend’s house.

When they arrived to Daniela’s house, they had an unpleasant surprise. They saw that the roof had collapsed because of the heavy rains.

They went with Daniela. She was very sad and they immediately hugged her. Daniela, a bit scaredand told them:

  • Competencies:

    Learn about the importance of friendship to comprehend the value of trust, honesty and mutual support.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Solidarity, Collaboration, Friendship, Mutual Support.

“Sorry guys but I guess we can’t play today, they are fixing the roof and a lot of things have been broken and we haven’t finish yet!”

Mrs. Norma, Daniela’s mom, was exhausted of cleaning and picking things up here and there while some neighbors were just watching her and reading the newspaper.

Fabian had an wonderful idea and told his friends:

“What if we help Daniela and her family? They will finish faster!”

The children thought that if they all cooperated they could solve the problem faster and this is how they got organized: Daniela´s father started to fix the roof with wood while her mother handed him the tools.

Daniela and Fabian picked up the trash and put it in garbage bags. Rafael helped moving the furniture and Emiliano went to his house to bring food for Daniela and her family because they hadn’t eaten anything at all.

After a few hours, the chores had been successfully completed. Fabian said:

“It is a beautiful house Daniela! The roof now is great and everything seems to be in order!”

The neighbors came closer and asked Daniela’s parents if they had fixed the roof by themselves.

“No, these kids helped us. Their support was really important because we fixed the house all together and it was easier and quicker! We all cooperated!” answered Daniela’s father

“Yes!” Daniela said, “Thanks to my friends’ help and the work we did together, our house is beautiful again and that makes me feel so happy. Come onfriends, let’s sit in the living room and put Fabian’s puzzle together!”.

  • “Helping each other is a value that makes your heart bigger, and makes us stronger as a team”.

Before they started, Fabian went to his house to bring some snacks. Jorge helped serving lemonade and Daniela brought some pieces of cake. They had a wonderful afternoon together.


Identify actions of solidarity

1.- The value of Solidarity means helping someone in need without expecting anything in return.

2.- Look carefully at the following images and identify the value of solidarity. Click on the picture and put it in the correct place.

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop each of the following values in the correct place: Responsibility, Solidarity, Collaboration, Friendship, and Mutual Support.

Scenario 5

The 3 r’s of recycling


One afternoon, Lucy was very bored in her house, so she decided to turn on the T.V. and watch her favorite cartoon: “The Planet’s Adventures”. The new episode was about saving the Earth because people were destroying it with pollution everywhere, water and air and were damaging animals and plants. People were not realizing that this could bring sickness and even death.

Lucy started to think and was sad to see all these images of polluted places and wondered:

  • Competencies:

    To participate in the conservation of the environment and to propose ways to protect it.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Respect of the Environment, Take Care of your surroundings.

How can we help to reduce pollution? What can we do so people can dump trash in its place?

While these images where passing, the cartoon hero, “Super R”, explained that in order to take care of our environment it is important to reduce pollution by using the “Three R Rule”.

“Super R” said: “Remember, you must do this in the correct order: reduce, reuse and recycle”.

“Reduce: It is important to choose products with less wrappings, and to consume the necessary amount of energy. Also, we have to reduce the use of toxic products, such as batteries”.

“Reuse: As long as we start reusing more products, we’ll use less energy. This can help our economy too”.

“Recycle: The transformation of materials that have been used into new products to be consumed again. You can recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, etc. It is important to keep in mind that in order to recycle we have to separate each material”.

Super R” ended saying: “Recycling is one of the most important actions to save our planet from pollution, so each one’s duty is to separate waste at home. In order to make the recycling process easier, the inorganic waste must be separated in three different bags or containers: glass and plastic in one; paper and cardboard together in another. The organic wastes should be in a separate bag or container”.

When the program ended, Lucy felt worried about helping dumping waste in the correct place and reduce pollution at home, school and community.

If you were Lucy, what would you do to take this important information to the people in your school and community?


Identify environmental friendly actions

1.- Did you know that trash pollutes our environment, water, rivers and soil?

2.- Write on each container the name it corresponds and classify each group of waste in the correct group. It is important for you to remember that we must classify each waste group in: organic, inorganic, toxic and electronic (batteries, keyboards, cellphones, etc).

Reinforcing Values

1.- Click, drag, and drop each one of the following values in the correct place: Responsibility, Respecting the Environment, Taking Care of the surroundings.

Scenario 6

Growing Healthy


One morning, when arriving to school, the preschoolers saw some nurses in the yard, which made them feel worried. As the children went to their classrooms they were talking about what they had seen. Some of them were worried and scared of nurses; one of them was Santiago, he said he wanted to go home with Mommy.

The teacher was in the classroom, but she only listened to the children until the class began. She saw her students’ worries, so the first thing she did was to ask them what they were talking about.

  • Competencies:

    To practice the basic preventive and security ways to keep oneself healthy, and ways to prevent accidents and risks in and outside school

  • Values:

    Taking care of yourself, responsibility.

Quickly Santiago asked: “What are the nurses doing here?”

And Sofia answered: “I think they are here to give us shots, Santiago!”

“Is that good, teacher?” Santiago asked concerned.

“Look children, nurses are excellent persons; they love children very much andthey’re indeed visiting us to give all the preschoolers their vaccines. They’ve also come to tell us about the importance of having proper nutrition to grow healthy and strong.” said the teacher in a reassuring way.

Immediately, the children’s chatter was heard again, but Sofia intervened to calm her classmates exclaiming:

“There’s nothing to worry about! Last week I went with my grandpa José to the healthcare center so he could get his shots. He told me it hurt just a little. It was like a small pinch. The nurse who assisted him told me that a vaccine would make him stronger to protect him of many illnesses.

The children calmed down with Sofia’s comments.

Rachel intervened also saying: “I also went with my mom to the hospital the other day and a nurse told us about the importance of a balanced diet by eating fruits and vegetables”.

Then, the teacher said: “What your classmates say is true. For you to grow healthy, you should get your vaccines and have a balanced diet.

“Teacher”, Santiago said, “My mom says that I didn’t get my shot when I was four years old and that I eat a lot of chips and soda. Is that bad, teacher?

  • “You’re health is very important, take care of it! Eat nutritious food and remind your family to have you vaccinated”.


How do you think the teacher answered?

How do you think this story ended?


Identify actions that help you stay healthy.

1.- Healthcare is very important, it helps you learn, play, and have a good time.

2.- Look at the images carefully. Click on the ones you consider keep you from having a good health.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop each of the next values where they belong: Responsibility and Caring for yourself.

Scenario 7

I speak with respect.


Raul and Wendy live in Valle Azul neighborhood, located very close to the kindergarten. In the afternoon they got together to organize a surprise birthday party for Melissa, a cute little girl who attends kindergarten with them.

The next day, without Melissa knowing about it they told the rest of the group about the surprise party. They distributed the invitations and activities. Lupita was assigned to receive guests and hand out whistles and party caps, to which she responded with a bad attitude. She was frowning behind Melissa’s back and said ugly words and bad things about her physical and economical condition.

Melissa is dark skin and thin girl; she has limited resources and Lupita didn’t like that at all, so she didn’t want her to help in the party’s organization.

  • Competencies:

    Gradually internalizes the rules of relationship and behavior based on equity and respect.

    Recognizes human beings are different. We are all important and are capable to participate in society.

  • Values:

    Respect, Friendship, Tolerance, Patience, Prudence.

Enrique, another classmate that was observing Lupita, shared the same idea and both told Wendy in a rude and hostile manner:

“Look, Wendy, we don’t want you to organize Melissa’s party, we don’t like her, she doesn’t have any money! If you make the party we won’t be your friends anymore!”

  • “If I express my ideas and feelings with affection and respect, I’ll be a great person”.

How do you think the story ended?


The importance of respect to live in harmony

1.- In order to live in harmony with other people, it’s necessary to practice the value of respect.

2.- With the help of your teacher, write a phrase of affection or an apology for the person you have chosen. Decorate it.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop each of the next values where they belong: Respect, Friendship, Tolerance, Patience and Prudence.

Scenario 8

When I grow up


The school’s term was about to end in the kindergarten. They were talking about the new one ahead of them and their way to elementary school. So the teacher asked the little ones, what they would like to do when they grew up.

Martha answered she would love to be a veterinarian, so she could heal all sick animals.

Rolando expressed: “I’m going to be a carpenter, like my dad!”

The rest of the students expressed they’d like to be architects, teachers, police officers, nurses. One of them wanted to have a restaurant, and a girl wanted to have a clothing store.

Luis answered he didn’t want to be anything.

The teacher asked him surprised, “Why do you say you don’t want to be anything. Luis?”

So he answered: “Because I don’t know how to read. I believe I’m too little, and won’t be able to study if I don’t learn. I just can’t, teacher!”

  • Competencies:

    To recognize his/her and the rest of the classmates’ qualities and capabilities.

    The present and past of their family and community through objects, daily situations and cultural practices.

  • Values:

    Responsibility, Patience, Strength, Perseverance.

The teacher told the children that little by little they would learn everything they wanted, but in order to achieve what they needed to do something very important.

“And what is so important teacher?” asked Martha.

“Well, study! Give your best effort to achieve what you want to be when you grow up”.

  • “Dreaming is beautiful, but is more beautiful to achieve our dreams. If you make your best effort, you can obtain what you desire”.

Luis smiled, saying: “I want to be an airplane pilot! And when I come to visit you, teacher, I will take you on a big airplane!”


What do you think happened to Luis when he became an adult?


Identify the importance of values to reach achieve goals

1.- When we set ourselves a goal, perseverance and effort can help us.

2.- Most likely, your parents and teachers have explained to you that we all have qualities and capabilities. In the following chart, draw your capacities, with the help of your teacher, and whatever you would like to become when you grow up if you make an effort.

Reinforcing values

1.- Click, drag and drop each of the next values where they belong: Responsibility, Patience, Effort, and Perseverance.

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